So I was looking at the stats on my masto server tonight and the federation activity between here and has been slowly declining for a couple of months now but activity has also been slowly increasing with other instances over that time too.

If the trend continues will overtake as the most actively federated instance from here!

Is slowly dying? Would that be a bad thing anyways? They are like the AOL of the fediverse after all :blobcheeky:

@msh I think what's happening is that m.s. is getting too big to effectively moderate, and so instances are defederating from it when bad stuff isn't taken down in a timely manner.

@msh could that represent both your users discovering and following more of the fediverse and users migrating to instances more fitting their interests? That would definitely be a good thing in my book - reducing the importance of a single mastodon instance and increasing the importance of federation.

@catbuttes None of the active users here came from m.s to my knowledge, at least not directly (they either started off here or migrated from other instances that went away) and I have always been on this instance, so discovery has always skewed away from m.s

I think it is users migrating away from m.s, for reasons @bob observed plus it is so big and general interest it is culturally too "twitter like". The local timeline is a firehose of randomness especially. I think people want a cozy local timeline and maybe a bit more relevant federated timeline to find more interesting people easier.

Gargron OTOH thinks the local timeline is unimportant and tends to favour quantity over quality for discoverability. Not a good OR bad thing I guess but I don't think that is what people want.

@msh @luka i wonder whether you have any such statistics for #tootsi? :tootsie:

I am not that deep into how federation works, so this might be guesswork: But I would think, that the stats on your server more likely reflects that users on your server, have found some interesting people on - and due to the local timeline, the people they follow on octo are more likely to boost other octo tooters. Thus amplifying the trend on your instance.

@MrManor LOL yeah having run my instance for over 5 years and it remaining pretty small I have a pretty good idea how federation works here and in general.

The top 10 most active servers *from my perspective* have been pretty stable over the last couple years and octodon has been in the top 3 for most of that time for a variety of reasons. Because of that stability it is easy to notice trends though and activity from has slowly gone down to the point of it getting close to losing the #1 position it has always held, usually by a big margin.

My post was mostly a tounge in cheek "xxx is dying" meme thing but also me wondering if it is a fedi-wide trend.

As I said, just a guess from my side 😄 Anyway I think it would be a god thing if people really are moving out on more instances. Not that I have anything against, but it sort of goes against the the federation idea if everyone is on the same instance.

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