Thoughts on racism, violence on fedi 

So I have seen a few posts and threads in the past day or so on the subject of racism and whiteness on the timelines, including some kinda cringe-worthy "helpful advice" from some of us white folk....

yeah you gotta think carefully when stepping in to be helpful and also not be offended if it is taken as er...less than helpful.

If you see a post relating an experience with or observation of racism please PLEASE don't reply with something like "oh sorry man that is terrible, you can/should report, block, migrate to this great instance that is a safe space".

Like yeah good info I guess? But quite inappropriate in this context.

Do you thing a robbery victim would find it at all supportive or useful if you said "that sucks is a great place to get good door locks and bars on the windows and security systems, oh and I saw a place come up for rent in a better neighbourhood"?

That would just make them feel shittier because coulda/woulda/shoulda prevented it...


Thoughts on racism, violence on fedi 

...regardless of the intent of such unsolicited "helpful advice" on how to deal with racism here I think it is pretty easy to understand how it can be frustrating to be on the receiving end at best, and at worst feel deeply hurt like you are being victim-blamed at worst.

So anyways...I guess I'm saying instead of suggesting to a BIPOC person what they can do to survive in a hostile racist environment that it is better to, you know, actively, collectively work in making the environment safe for everyone?


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