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Linux Thursday is almost upon us! Got questions? Got topics?

Let us know here and it just might make it on the #LundukeShow.

@BryanLunduke An extremely important question and the future of Linux depends on your answer. Does sudo rhyme with voodoo, the Caribbean occult religion, or Judo, the Japanese martial art? Glad you are back and have fun.

Mark Shane Hayden @msh

@DistroJunkie Maybe @BryanLunduke can verify my answer but I believe such rhymes with judo...which rhymes with "pseudo".

The UNIXy types are renowned for their clever acronyms. SUDO is short for "super user do" but is also a phonetic spelling of pseudo (meaning false or imitation) which describes how the SUDO command works by temporarily imitating another user.

@BryanLunduke @msh My question was totally tongue-in-cheek designed to spoon feed Matt with voodoo and judo to see where he would run with that. Although I have witnessed grown men having an argument about that topic.😃