Insight from hearings...

Zuckerburg was asked if he knew about Poindexter's Total Information Awareness initiative and HE SAID NO. what??

But yeah he was barely out of high school so probably wasn't on his radar. He is so young he really only came of age after the era of BBSes, the invention of WWW and after Eternal September...and it looks like he showed no interest in learning that history and nobody was interested in teaching him either...


Silicon Valley is dominated by guys like Zuckerburg who lack this historical perspective and it is sad and a bit dangerous. The only world they know is post-9/11 where valuing privacy is often viewed with suspicion and are taught by those in power that surveillance keeps us safe and secure.

Add to that the only Internet they've ever known is one being monetized almost completely by targeted advertising?

Seems society has failed a whole generation.

@msh At least two generations. The first dotcom bubble tried to do this with portal sites (among other things), and then tried it again with purchase management and online gaming in the second bubble. Seems he learned from their mistakes.





@msh Society has failed, or just that "them's the breaks?" If the loss of privacy had happened in a world without 9/11, I could agree that society screwed up somewhere, but what's happened post 9/11 was probably inevitable.

@mdm well you could also argue the very fact 9/11 happened at all was another failure of society too.

It definitely was a catalyst. People accepted the loss of privacy in exchange for the promise of safety, then it just evolved into accepting the loss of privacy for the promise of free stuff. But I think there were failings before that and it just accelerated the trend.


Aye. It is very frustrating. I find it amusing when people who claim to be liberals treat me like I am crazy for saying all civil/human rights are important and are a mutual interlocking dependency.

Not only is it lacking historical perspective, but a level of social and stats perspective that leads them to being painfully risk adverse, thinking some how that safety is something other than what one provides ones self. Once outsrcd, what ever it is outsrced to is the biggest threat.

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