Meal prep 

Hmm that's some great documentation you've got there GStreamer

Baby Yoda is a furry 

Alberta and Saskatchewan Political Landscape, snark 

There were biggest floofiest snowflakes slowly floating down from the sky here this morning. I hope it stays like this and doesn't change to a blizzard like the weather people are forecasting.

You know what? Everyone has the fastest, most reliable network. There is a gap in the market that we can fill dammit!

Purchase a winning brand created Just For You by one of our Advanced Algorithms ℒ️

Hey @Gargron you might have a potential spambot problem to deal with here...

Now that the hotter weather has finally found my little patch of the planet the backyard raspberries have gotten a little carried away with themselves. Better a bit late than never I suppose.

A spool of red PETG sitting on a holder made out of...itself :blobtonguewink:

I don't know why that amuses me I guess I'm easily amused.

Finally got tired of hanging my filament spools off @squirrel 's clothing rack when I'm so I made up a simple holder in and 11 hours later presto! The first half is done :blobtonguewink:

(Could have done a small thing I guess but I wanted to try bigger models for practise lol)

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