At some point in time the peanut butter people switched their jars from natural translucent plastic to plastic that is dyed to a colour perfectly matching the peanut butter and I do not appreciate the games this plays with my mind

COVID-19, mask PSA 

At lunch I started getting the sense that somebody was watching me. So I went to the front door and looked out and saw the neighbour and her little kidlet finishing up this...

I'm finding the amber monitor aesthetic of my terminal sessions reduces eyestrain and generally keeps me mellow, perhaps due to the warm nostalgic feeling it evokes.

US Pol. 

Meal prep 

Hmm that's some great documentation you've got there GStreamer

Baby Yoda is a furry 

Alberta and Saskatchewan Political Landscape, snark 

There were biggest floofiest snowflakes slowly floating down from the sky here this morning. I hope it stays like this and doesn't change to a blizzard like the weather people are forecasting.

You know what? Everyone has the fastest, most reliable network. There is a gap in the market that we can fill dammit!

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