The is a solid unit. The back cover seems to be like 5 times as thick as what my old Samsung phones had back in the day!

Also: smol dip switches, pogo pins!

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(This is not an ad so sorry if it sounds like one, I'm just having fun with this thing)

This smol PLC is a very good boi.

This company is known for its cheap PLCs like the $69 Click (nice!), good for people to learn industrial automation but the programming software is a little craptacular.

This here is even better. The CPU module is basically an Arduino MKR that is a bit ruggedised and you can just use Arduino IDE and it's very open!

They don't make things like they used to.

I had baked my dinner entree in a "Pyrex" dish and was transferring it to my plate when, without warning the baking dish shattered into thousands of tiny shards all over my kitchen counter and my dinner. Behold the result (dinner plate and food removed).

I wish Pyrex was actually still borosilicate. Don't buy Pyrex. It's garbage now. Make sure you buy real borosilicate glass beware.

At some point in time the peanut butter people switched their jars from natural translucent plastic to plastic that is dyed to a colour perfectly matching the peanut butter and I do not appreciate the games this plays with my mind

COVID-19, mask PSA 

Seeing more mask wearing when getting groceries but think people need this reminder

At lunch I started getting the sense that somebody was watching me. So I went to the front door and looked out and saw the neighbour and her little kidlet finishing up this...

I'm finding the amber monitor aesthetic of my terminal sessions reduces eyestrain and generally keeps me mellow, perhaps due to the warm nostalgic feeling it evokes.

US Pol. 

I dreamt that Bloomberg successfully purchased the Democratic nomination and I was watching the subsequent presidential debate.

Meal prep 

If life gives you Costo sized meat, make lunches for the next month then play freezer tetris

Hmm that's some great documentation you've got there GStreamer

Baby Yoda is a furry 

Reminder just in case you forgot

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