Alberta and Saskatchewan Political Landscape, snark 

There were biggest floofiest snowflakes slowly floating down from the sky here this morning. I hope it stays like this and doesn't change to a blizzard like the weather people are forecasting.

You know what? Everyone has the fastest, most reliable network. There is a gap in the market that we can fill dammit!

Purchase a winning brand created Just For You by one of our Advanced Algorithms ℒ️

Hey @Gargron you might have a potential spambot problem to deal with here...

Now that the hotter weather has finally found my little patch of the planet the backyard raspberries have gotten a little carried away with themselves. Better a bit late than never I suppose.

A spool of red PETG sitting on a holder made out of...itself :blobtonguewink:

I don't know why that amuses me I guess I'm easily amused.

Finally got tired of hanging my filament spools off @squirrel 's clothing rack when I'm so I made up a simple holder in and 11 hours later presto! The first half is done :blobtonguewink:

(Could have done a small thing I guess but I wanted to try bigger models for practise lol)

It's in and our community is enjoying the sunshine and camaraderie! We need to know our neighbours better...face to face not just online! Thanks @squirrel for getting us involved!

Various circumstances make it difficult for our community to be heard so it is great to be recognised by our local representatives:

And Calgary Mayor

It's going to take awhile to un-cross my eyes after soldering these tiny wires to these tiny SHT31 sensor boards that will connect to these tiny ESP32 micros πŸ€ͺ

The humble little Pi that now serves as my print server (hooked to both my regular paper printer and my new 3D printer) has a cozy new home, spun with natural (clear) PETG.

The LEDs look pretty shining through the translucent lattice created by the

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