Yeah it's cold I guess

But it's a *dry* cold

So since Wednesday I've been getting back into the gym after taking the entire previous week off for the holidays and now I'm all like...

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This is our guest this week whilst her people are on vacation. Such princess. Has much to say but I don't speak growlysnort so I'm not sure what she is saying.

A little while ago both my servers each had one of their over supplies fail. The JollyOld Server Elf delivered these last night. Now it's festive green lights all the way down and there is serenity now! (from the power supply fault alarm at least, 2 days later after demanding it, as is customary)

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Another good(?) from the lady at our reception desk...

Those shifty atoms 😒

The new lady at the reception desk posts a daily on the wall which is fantastic of course

These articulated abominations should be banned from Canada

Just LOOK at this onion 60cm long and all plant and no bulb.


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Seen yesterday at the outdoor market where @squirrel sometimes sells stuff.

It's in immaculate condition.

Driven by a lady in an imitation green dress :blobthinkingcool:

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