so i lost a bit of weight and gained a bit of face fuzz lately so some people notice but being asked by a random person if I am Erik ten Hag was kinda unexpected?

Maaaaaybe? if the lighting is dim enough and you squint? I dunno

AliExpress WTF 

Wow gee THANKS for informing me of this AMAZING PRODUCT it is obviously JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED

Me: web3 is a big trash fire as it is it isn't the future of the web

Cryptodudes: you don't know what you're talking about you be like Paul Krugman in 1998 "By 2005, it will become clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine’s" LOL

Yeah like I haven't seem that tired old quote trotted out like a 100 times already. How about this one:

"I venture the prediction that within five years in Europe, and within ten years in Canada, it will be possible to travel by airship with comfort, speed and reasonable safety —arriving and leaving with much the same degree of certainty that is now assured by ocean-going steamers."

- Dr. G. Sterling Ryerson, 1909


RK3399, 4 GiB RAM, dual gigabit ethernet, USB3 SBC. Bare board not in stock so got these housed in hefty metal enclosures which apparently act as heat sinks too!

Future home of (except database/content files as they're staying on the recently deployed storage server)

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AliExpress WTF 

Who the hell is training their algorithms I can't even...sigh...


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AliExpress WTF 

Fembots for only...

(raises pinky to face)


NO AliExpress I most definitely may NOT like (CW lewdish WTF product shot)

Pandemic malarkey 

There is (was?) a group of quack doctors (sadly some of whom still have valid licenses to practice) that started a company called "Enable Air" as an "exemption certificate mill". Simply by filling a form out and uh..paying a too can have certificate declaring you are exempt from being a responsible human being!

Check out this incredible totally legit looking Official Document :blobcheeky:

In my work inbox today. Does Google do any sort of proofreading or QC at all?

All the mistakes, plus the fact it was sent to me directly and not our IT inbox, makes me think it is phishing, but the headers indicate it actually came from Google, and my employer (unfortunately) uses gmail as its email provider and it's pretty aggressive at blocking Google phishing stuff.

Version 6.0 was Peak Microsoft Word

It was mostly all down hill from here

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AAAA! The bundled floppies are still there!

I still have drive to read all I need is a working motherboard that supports it

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Ah the 4 genders... male, female, plural 😬

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It is 1989 and according to "WordPerfect 5.1 Macros and Templates" gender is fluid.

It's a fact.

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WYSIWYG? What's that? The funny wigs they wear in British courts?

To get the secrets of the print you must reveal all the codez!

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