@ink_slinger Well, it's at least more comforting than the sound of a daisywheel printer.


(Key-mashes home row of Dvorak ergo-keyboard)


What the heck?

@taweret yup athletic and healthy aren't always the same thing.

I work next door to where a former Calgary Flames hockey player works. Real nice guy but yeah his hockey career, and maybe also the pro athlete lifestyle outside the sport, was obviously rough on him.


Damn :blobwoah:

And yet he's younger than my big sister.

It's unbelievable how pro athletes let themselves go after they are done the sportsball.

@taweret *super* old? Aw c'mon. They can't be THAT old.

Because that would make ME old.

small cgi portraits with eye contact 

@emsenn Something like raspberries or Saskatoon berries would be nice to have along train tracks. Self propagating and hardy--they'd be too much work for shitty people to permanently remove because they'd grow back from the roots in a year lol.

Plus there is something... I don't know... therapeutic about strolling along and picking berries?

Mental Health 

@Ricardus I probably would too, but the first thing I thought of as a DS9 spinoff was Quark's.

I suppose that would just be Cheers In Space. But I liked Cheers too so...

@envgen ah yes, the elusive antidote to imposter syndrome

Doctor Who S12E05, spoilers 

@marlfuchs In an alternate reality (you know, the sane and sensible one) this was an SNL skit. A follow-up to the Bass-O-Matic, not an actual thing.


...and incredibly, after all that, it seems his gonads remain unscathed.

@ella_kane you can't just have one

With some people it's cookies. With others it's tattoos. With still others it's plants.

If your website isn't viewable in Mosaic then it's a bad website

Doesn't have to look nice, just has to be usable

@Elizafox nobody can afford a flying car of their own so they all have to take the flying bus.

@garbados Sometimes I'm Frank.

Once in awhile I might even be Frances.

But I'll NEVER be Shirley.

So don't call me Shirley.

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