Big corporations: we need to reduce regulations because all the red tape is hurting innovation

Also big corporations: we need more power to regulate what we let people can do with the stuff they buy from us to protect our innovation


@puzzled clearly the fat cat is a manager, and Karen wishes to see the manager.

@thegibson @observer

Hey it's a Chumby!

They should really start making those again!

really bad leftpol joke, don't open 

@mwlucas @troubleMoney I agree. The wardrobe chose was "accidentally on purpose".

HRH: "Let's see if they do it again"

(Sees pictures of her wearing a top featuring a cat staring at her brooch)

HRH: "We *are* amused."

The Queen did her speech to the nation while wearing green

This has resulted in exactly what you'd expect

(collection of images follows, all showing the Queen photoshopped to be wearing various t-shirts)




"The uploader has not made this video available in your country"

If only media could spread as freely as pathogens.

@strypey I read it too...and I agree that it would improve the American situation. But that said the algorithms came into play in determining the theoretical results. I'm not sure it would result in a more representative government. I suppose it may "moderate" it somewhat.

The problems run deeper I think, and the most effective solution is to somehow take the politicians/candidates out of the process of defining the district's they contest.

@strypey The stinky part specifically is "sophisticated". Defining legislative districts could be based on population and major geographic features (rivers, major roads, etc that physically group populations into communities).

A fairly straightforward set of guidelines, plus districting commissions not made up of politicians at all, would make a big difference.

@strypey as soon as I saw the phrase "sophisticated mapping algorithms" I started smelling BS.

Disappointed but not surprised. It is an article in Fast Company after all.


@evilscientistca this weather we're having is really flattening my curve :blobglare:

@thor @stux of course he does. Cats are very content when they've claimed ownership of you and all your things with their head boops.

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