I want to take a moment and express affection and love for every human who defended *actual* clowns or circuses today.

Some day, down the road a bit, it will be safe to perform again. When that day comes, I'll be doing it for you.

In the meantime, keep breathing, being kind, and punching up. <3

POTUS debate 

Wow. Just... wow.

I couldn't have imagined the debates could get any more depressingly bad than they were in 2016...but here we are.

And Mr. Wallace, bless his heart, what bet did he lose to have the job of moderating this shitshow foisted upon him?


@thegibson I'm Canadian so cannot vote but I may watch some of it out of curiosity. However the debates in 2016 just made me depressed and sad for Americans who seemed to be offered the choice of 2 different shit sandwiches based on the performance I saw.

I'm not all that more enthusiastic about this year's offerings either, but at least there is an opportunity to select a "caretaker President" to put out the trash fire in preparation for hopefully cleaning up the mess made since 2016.

@stux @Gargron brighten.social appears to be the creation of Mike Adams, a QAnon conspiracy promoter and founder of the "Natural News" website which publishes mostly fake medical/health news and markets his quack health remedies.


It seems after being kicked off the mainstream platforms he has recently established his own instance. It is a fairly new but fast growing instance in the style of Gab

@stux does @Gargron know about this site? The removal of attribution and the lack of access to source code may be a violation of licensing so legal action may be justified if requests for compliance are ignored.

Based on the content and their terms I would block the brighteon.social instance in any case.

@dolfsquare So this is what the original design team from the Sonic movie got up to after they were canned

@djsundog @nowplaying also Vince Guaraldi pairs well with banana pancakes and a fresh cup of coffee :blobcatmelt:

@djsundog @nowplaying it feels like a Charlie Brown Sunday here so it seems appropriate for me


Tired: Will it blend?

Inspired: Will it carbonate?

Hello! I'm the account for the #spritely project! Still getting things set up but ya know, in case you wanted to follow Spritely things...

US presidents are like Star Trek movies... 

@hankg ...the even numbered ones turn out better

@seb I'd say all those dates are several years past the end of the good old days.

@c0debabe you know you're in for a tough day when you find yourself in H P Lovecraft's Pokemon gym

@finn hey did you know that they don't turn pink because they grow up or because if genetics, they turn pink because of their diet and the babies just haven't eaten enough red algae yet? If they don't eat quite enough beta carotene they can still survive but they never turn pink!

@tek @viduno there seems to be a limit to the quality of results you get from crawling + algorithms, and their advertising business interferes with even that potential limit.

Ultimately I think we need to bring back emphasis towards human created directories like DMOZ, and maybe use federation technology to make them scale.

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