@welshpixie doggo has seen kitty's handiwork upon the sofa

doggo wise

@c0debabe that's how it all starts

it's just a harmless little deb what harm could there be

soon you're dabbling with rpms

before you know it your downloading tarballs and running `make`

@brainblasted these rentals *DO* exist

Deep in the cursed mind of David Cronenberg

Terrible Dad joke meme, from Facebook of course 

@natecull very similar feels for me here back in 1999 (before Wikipedia existed) when I used my first, brand new broadband connection to download the entirety of DMOZ and self host my own "portal" based on it from a big ol' used Gateway 2000 box in my home on my first domain

(the portal is long gone but the domain is still actively used for my primary email)

Big CDNs are destroying the internet and should be dismantled

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Dammit CloudFlare stop making me help teach Google's damned algorithms how to find pictures of boats and bicycles already!

House and money stuff, climate change 

@susannah they must have been confused. That is diggin' and drillin' kind of money. I can't figure out how what is basically an "un-air-conditioner" could otherwise cost so much more than a regular air conditioner.

US/CA energy politics 

So perhaps it was reasonable to expect Biden would be a milquetoast president and let the KXL thing slide since it was a done deal and under construction already...but *really* how could anyone be surprised he might actually keep that particular campaign promise?

We have over 3 million tonnes of lithium sitting under Alberta between Edmonton and Red Deer and it's well past due we try to extract some cash from Musk in exchange for some of it.


@twitter imagine if the states were shaped like some of those wild congressional districts

House and money stuff, climate change 

@susannah the only way a heat pump for a single family dwelling would cost well into 5 figures would be if it was a ground-source system.

If you live in a cold climate it might explain why gas furnaces are being pushed so hard. If it gets down to -10C outside a heat pump will only get your home up to about 15C. However if you get a bivalent heat pump that has a gas fired preheater that kicks in when it gets below freezing to assist.

House and money stuff, climate change 

@susannah maybe trick them into installing a heat pump by telling them you want an air conditioner but with the polarity reversed

@nowplaying I'll forgive this band from *Toronto* for calling themselves *Alberta* advantage because this is pretty cool

Purism, Parler 

@thatgeoguy there was also a fair bit of noise from YouTube tech bloggers about setting up shop on Odysee to take back control of their content that coincided with the de-platforming of Parler.

I don't care if they have been adopting these new platforms / tech for years or not. For them to be silent for so long when marginalised people were being denied voice to suddenly speak up and promote this *now* says a LOT about their character or lack thereof.

Until I heard this on @nowplaying my favourite rendition of this song was the one by Richard Cheese :blobcheeky:

@faho you know what bothers me in UNIX?


It is SO non-unix! It's supposed to list files in a directory. That's its thing. But there are So. Many. Options.

Options to filter a bazillion ways.
Options to sort all possible ways.
Options to format output in ways you can't imagine!

Too many things! WAY more than 1!

WTH man? Who made the ls command? Lennart? Some flunkies at Microsoft?

In true Unix you're supposed to pipe ls through 3 more commands at least!

@Lofenyy in the early 1990s budget cuts drove the CBC to cut local studios and many believed CBC selected to cut where they did unfairly to preserve jobs and influence in central Canada/Toronto. There was particular bitterness in the prairies (Calgary and Saskatoon lost their local news studios) and Maritimes (CBC eliminated local TV production in Labrador).

There were a couple of lost decades especially in the TV space, but they've hit their stride again lately.


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