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Mark Shane Hayden

@Canageek well one that first comes to mind is OpenSCAD

not sure of it has everything you're looking for but it does try to cater to etc.

@noelle as conscious as everyone is about environment and recycling etc. our culture is more disposable than ever. What isnt collectible vintage is thrown away.

I miss the second hand computer shops the most. There was a local one called 'Round Again Software that had used and consignment software AND hardware. Right up until they closed they had a nice selection of pre-Windows software and systems.

Now it is almost like powers that be want such things to be illegal 😛

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@Modern_Industrial TBH the reason there isn't co-ed hockey is NOT because men are physically bigger/stronger, it is because men are too psychologically/mentally weak to cope with the ladies' game 😝

@djsundog fir the most part, by my family at least, I was brought up.

As a species we naturally do the opposite, so it is important to have a good upbringing to withstand societal bring-downs.

Also I believe people are (or should be) "brought up" throughout their lifetimes by others close to them. Make sure you and your spouse continue to "bring up" each other (and/or anyone close to you).

But keep in mind: are you bringing someone up or are they pulling you down?


@Elizafox Happy birthday! Enjoy being young while it lasts!

I'm beyond the fire hazard stage. If I had a candle dedicated to every year the cake would be like a half acre, would trigger a global paraffin shortage and when fully lit would be visible from the space station.

@pixelguff see?! Alexa's *listening* 😒😉

@pixelguff Alexa is now the new Bonzi Buddy. It is always listening and on ransom occasions will say something it thinks you want to hear, with the hopes you remember it is there and will buy something from its advertisers.

@Elizafox Heat is hard to come by on the Canadian prairies at the moment. Best I can do is make charged statements.

@Elizafox I tried to come up with a cleverly ionic comeback but I've got nuthin'

@ntnsndr my instance is supported by the roof trusses of my garage.

Quite literally. The physical server hosting and several other VMs is installed in a small 4u rack along with a UPS and switch, and that rack is hanging from the garage ceiling supported by lag bolts screwed into the roof trusses.

Oh financially you mean? Well just out of my paycheque at the moment..incremental utility bill increase for electricity plus $5 per month for the fixed IP.

@Elizafox from each according to their ASICs, to each according to their power bill?

@Gargron LOL yeah after the first few times I needed to restart I commented that out of the entry point script because I know they are correct and I'm not patient. Maybe it should be an option in env.production or something?

TFW you are in the middle of singing karaoke and you REALLY have to clear your throat

@KitRedgrave @Jo might be easier to slow the rotation and lengthen the day. Altering orbit would take more energy and being slightly closer to the sun would probably make global warming worse.

But spinning slower might change tides and weather patterns anyways so...🤔

oh well, maybe we should just have 12 months of 30 days and 5 or 6 days called "party time" in the meantime 😋