@kaniini @alayna this one time, at self checkout...

I scanned my first item and the my checkout crashed to a Windows XP desktop. Like a stock standard one. The Space Cadet 3D pinball was even installed.

So I fired it up.

It really isn't playable on a self checkout touch screen, but I left it there because it brightened my shopping day.

@ink_slinger Hey watch it that kind of talk would end with you being hogtied and thrown on a big green STC bus back to Regina



Like thousands of Snoopies sitting at thousands of typewriters!

Especially "It was a rainy, drizzling day..."

It's the long lost manuscript of "Paul Clifford Goes to New York"!

@ink_slinger @kepstin Don't confuse *North* Battleford with Battleford, the arch rival next town over.

The citizens of the latter get quite offended and let you know in no uncertain terms that North Battleford is most certainly NOT the same as, or part of, the Good Town of Battleford.

@ink_slinger perhaps the follow didn't make it through the transition from dot-club, like a sock that disappeared in the laundry.

@ink_slinger are you following @djsundog yet?

Because if you have a and you aren't following DJ Sundog what are you even doing?

@lennie The last surviving player of Tron Deadly Discs gets to be Prime Minister.

The results would be be better than first past the post elections at least.



1. full control over moderation

2. the federated timeline is pretty much your home timeline, resulting in better signal:noise

3. As a result of 1. and 2. you get far less undesirable instances unexpectedly federating with yours, and much less need to maintain domain blocks. User-level silence and blocking is manageable


1. Discoverability is more limited. You start off shouting into a void. Relays help but can negate the pros.

2. More time and expense to maintain


@ink_slinger glad to hear there was no loss of life at least. Even with insurance it will be quite an ordeal for them to get things back to normal.

In May of 2018 three houses on my block were destroyed by fire and we were evacuated for a few hours until it was contained. We sat at a friend's house nervously checking our IP cameras to see what was happening. For some reason that spring was bad for house fires in the city.

@kaniini @pea I'm not aware of anyone who has done E2E properly outside of direct messages (that is, where the sender's and recipients aren't fully and explicitly defined), so if you figured out E2E payloads in a public scope I'd nominate you for a Nobel Prize if I could.

@thomasfuchs There is a court injunction preventing them from selling the Java paint job. However the premium interior does include an advanced dashboard display featuring BHO toolbars and a Bonzi Buddy navigation system.

@Rob_T_Firefly hey you found the gluten free fortune cookie!

That's good luck, like finding a four leaf clover!

@ink_slinger more specifically it's "how grocery stores are trying to speed up the process of extracting money from shoppers".

If it was about speeding up your actual shopping experience they would rearrange their staple items to make them fast an easy to find, instead of making you wander to all 4 corners of the store to obtain them.

@galaxis yeah there seems to be infinite possible alternative flour blends out there. I just settled on that blend as it seems to be a simple substitute for regular all purpose flour for what I normally make...pancakes, cookies, desserts like banana or pumpkin loaf etc.

I should try making actual leavened bread more often, that's the one thing I just buy at the store and it seems more costly than it should be.

@galaxis I have the best luck making my own flour blend for baking, though it might make for a heavier loaf (this works well with things like banana bread, cookies, etc at least)...

1 part rice flour
1 part tapioca flour
1 part potato flour
1 part chickpea flour
Dash of Xanthan gum

Could adjust the ratios to experiment, also I learned to not confuse "starch" with "flour" as they have pretty different properties.

Way to go @pixelfed !

As always the Dutch are showing their generous appreciation for the good work of Canadians 🀣

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