@zorinlynx I had a car with a pull out radio like this but I rarely took it out. It was more common to have a radio with a removable faceplate that had to be in place for the radio to work, and I did know a few people who would take that with them as it was more compact, but most people would put it in the trunk or glovebox.

The people who took the faceplates with them were a special sort of person who also kept "the club" on the steering wheel and stripes and red 'R' stickers to go faster

@nowplaying they're now known as "Posts and the Maytals" because they wanted to be taken more seriously

@tedu can't get Zoom fatigue if you only use Jitsi

bird, twitter link 

@c0debabe Twitter should only allow posts from accounts that can prove they are actual birds

health, +/- 

@mwlucas we are getting our first dose tomorrow and @squirrel has bursitis in one arm and was wondering if it makes the most sense to get it in the "bad arm" so then you don't end up with 2 sore arms and maybe the needle will kinda be like EMG without the electricity?


hey @squirrel and I are getting our first vaccine jabs tomorrow :ablobspin: :blobrainbow:

anyone know if the microchips in AstraZeneca are compatible with WireGuard I want to make sure our 5G links with BillG are secure

@kepstin I'm on it! I'm wondering about ont thing though...if I have the 2 forward zones and I have the same reverse zones in the tube-zones for both would that possibly break the scripts because the same reverse zones being mentioned twice? I know the IPv6 field is optional but the IPv4 one appeas to be required by the scripts.

I could modify the scripts to compensate for this too I suppose.

@djsundog yes XX=n seems the most cromulent to me, thanks for confirming. I shall set things up here and drop you a note when I'm ready to go


It's a snowy slushy Sunday here and that means staying out of the weather and crawling around for a bit.

I'd like to see if I can get Babel routing going on my node. Do I need to get permission/assistance from @djsundog or can I just beg forgiveness later?

The articlle @kepstin wrote looks pretty clear; just wondering what I would set for XX in the "participant number"

Once I run out of "plumbing" to tinker with I might actually start hosting something worth talking about!

@djsundog @ajroach42 the volunteer Network Hosts of FidoNet were doing the Lord's work


er....kiiinda but not really. there are similarities but not in real time, considering the nature of dialup BBSes. More like forum websites and email in nature. Federation was different back when everyone connected over non-persistent dialup connections

@ajroach42 @djsundog

@tn5421 Citadel is a forum/conversation-centric BBS system that had "rooms" for messages (and sometimes files) pertaining to specific topics or themes. Anyone could create a room and room creators generally served as moderators for their rooms.

Citadel came before Fido by a couple years but both platforms introduced federation around the same time, around 1984 or so IIRC. FidoNet federation was a lot more structured and widespread though.

@ajroach42 @djsundog

@djsundog @ajroach42 The fediverse would be a lot better if it had been inspired by FidoNet and Citadel instead of Twitter



You'll have to be more specific

That's like...Florida's state motto

@ondra @nolan ...regular people just say "apps" and that means:

1. I get it from the app store of my chosen platform, and/or

2. I use it by tapping on an icon on my home screen or in my "app menu"

The presenter just explained that PWA is a "web page that works well on a phone that can *progress* into an app (an icon on your home screen) by putting a special button on the web page". It was amazing how many people didn't know you could do that!

@ondra @nolan the article and the trade show presentation we went to addressed different audiences and so the argument for web was almost completely different than the referenced article.

That said software developers have far more problems than terminology, especially concerning things that customers don't even care about. Retailers and their customers care about "mobile" as in "make it easy to use on my phone" and that is it. The presenter correctly didn't even use the word "native"...

@nolan my partner went to a trade show for sourcing products for our little side business a couple years ago and there was a workshop on "retail online presence" and a good portion of it was "apps are inferior and a waste of time if you don't already have one... responsive PWAs are the future"

The presenter made a fantastic argument for this for a non technical audience. As bad as the state of the web is the mobile app ecosystem is an absolute trash fire.

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