@sebsauvage interestingly FB is reporting the data breach involved about 5000 *app developers* instead if reporting any estimate on how many *users* were affected.

This is because a) they most likely have no mechanisms in place to determine which users were affected, and b) it is also a reasonable assumption that the breach violated the data integrity of *every single Facebook user*.

This cannot be fixed. Serious thought has to be given to how to dismantle Facebook in an orderly fashion.

@hankg this is increasingly also software in production use, from the perspective of vs. the end users.

extremely bad gamer take, lewd, misogyny 

Canadian politics 

Canadian politics 

@sean I think you are being pretty hard on yourself...You've actually been doing pretty well. Boot camp will be a pretty big change in lifestyle which I imagine would probably knock you off any plateau you've hit.

If I recall you've been pretty focused on weight management and endurance. Getting progress on things like push-ups and chin-ups will require adjusting both diet and training regimens to address building strength, but I think you're quite capable of it!

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(runs up suddenly, wearing a red fedora, shouting)


(runs away, laughing maniacally)

@snowdusk I think humanely trapping and relocating such animals is the best policy in normal circumstances, but if a nocturnal animals like a raccoon or skunk is awake and wandering around in the daytime that is a clear sign the animal is in distress (starving or sick...often with rabies) so euthanasia is sadly the most practical and humane option in that case

@gemlog @trebach @AppleStrudelMan @sparcipx

This gives me the kind of vibes not felt since STOS and AMOS were released


Meta hot take: Mark wants you to treat CWs like headlines 

@puzzled I thought this was about Wikipedia until I saw the whole thread. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if it applied to both.

weird pulseaudio shit 

@snowdusk there is a lot of the same wildlife across the country but with some regional differences. Here we also get the odd moose and black bear wander down from the parks, as well as bobcats and lynx.

Cougars are here too but tend to be shy and stay out of the city...well except for a certain breed that sometimes appear where young men congregate. That breed is more aggressive.

@gemlog @Shufei @AppleStrudelMan @sparcipx

@gemlog @snowdusk raccoons don't get out west very much--not many in Alberta. We still have skunks unfortunately. And lots and lots of rabbits. Rabbits can be jerks but they're vandals not thieves :blobcheeky:

We don't have rats at least.

@Shufei @AppleStrudelMan @sparcipx

@puzzled If it doesn't stop raining in Alberta before too long you'll have no choice...the lake will come to you.


Pro tip: if the email service you are considering has an "Imbox" instead of an inbox it's a good sign they belong in the same category as timeshare vacation properties and multi-level-marketing business opportunities.

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