@apLundell i dunno I follow @jesus ...seems pretty cool but I don't know if I'd accept Him into my home just yet

@mpjgregoire @keithzg ... I also don't think popular vote results are an accurate representation of American's politics either given the iron-clad 2-party system they have, compounded by the uneven access to voting that is developing as well. Not everyone who votes Republican is a 100% Trumpist--many are just convinced that the Dems are too left. The actual "evil Trumpist" supporters could easily be more like 1/5 to 1/3 of voters, closer to the actual balance of media coverage.

@mpjgregoire @keithzg ...I mean, how can *anyone* expect to say and do the most outrageous things without consequence? It's not like the GOP didn't know big media have long looked at them with a critical eye, so why should they be surprised that when the GOP tolerate and even embrace fringe people and ideas that the media would react strongly?

Why should there be an expectation for the media to accommodate the GOP?


@mpjgregoire @keithzg well yeah "anti-Republican" would be clearer and more accurate, considering WaPo, NYT and CNN are far from being media darlings of the left.

If we framed the discussion around US party politics rather than the more nebulous "left" and "right" then things would be more clear. I'd even agree that the Democrats have traditionally gotten an easier ride from most mainstream American media than the Republicans.

That said, how much can the Republicans *really* expect?


@Elizafox I recently came across the surname of Smellie and I was weeping inside and now *this*

@jbauer I'm grateful that I live somewhere that has a government that actually recommends using VPNs instead of treating them with suspicion or even trying to make them illegal

I hope it stays that way

Angry rant about Wordpress 

@kev I think when @ChrisWere tagged the post "angry rant" was an indication that he was being emotive and had no intention of being helpful LOL

As for the inaccurate part, taht is up for debate. Regardless of what has or has not changed I personally have always found the WP platform to be user hostile

@ashfurrow when I moved off docker it was the same (so much for my notes lol) but it has been so. much. better. running Masto outside of Docker for me. I have a small instance and the extra layer of abstraction honestly just got in my way.

As a result I have less masto-admin-notes than before (everything is just set up as systemd unit files that I am used to and they just do their thing), plus I am set up better to migrate to a new architecture that I'm contemplating in the future.

I didn't totally believe you so I clicked the CW but now I do and I can tell y'all that @peptostate genuinely speaks the truth

@keithzg @mpjgregoire this is also not specific to the left or right either. The article suggests the left has killed liberalism and demonised conservatives but the American right has done the very same thing and it seems like the phenomenon actually started from the right in America at least.

I wouldn't even call most of the current political right in America conservative anyways. Trumpism is not conservative in any sense.

I learned yesterday that in Tesla's newest car, if you haven't paid for autopilot, the option to turn it on is still there in the touchscreen - and if you accidentally do turn it on, Tesla immediately - and without warning or notification - charges $14,100 (the cost of the autopilot feature) to the credit card you have on file with them.

@pzmyers they also take issue with people of colour asserting themselves as well...there is a god deal of disgusting "just shut up and perform (sing/play your sport/etc) for us" going on here which is amplified both because of her gender and race.

@djsundog yeah price is commensurate with rarity not capability it seems. If I could expense it for work maybe lol

It seems @SexyCyborg found something as rare as a hen's tooth...

an ultra portable PC with a proper ethernet port AND an actual RS232 port!


@mpjgregoire I think of privilege as being a more specific type of good fortune. Good fortune is to a quadrilateral what privilege is to a square.

Fortunate can be minor and fleeting like getting a free meal or a good parking spot, or more significant like a good job or home.

Privileged in the context it is normally used now is the ultimate good fortune of being born into an enduring position of advantage in most or all meaningful ways.

@mike hmm maybe I will have to perform some similar experiments with the bumper crop of saskatoons I must contend with in my front yard

@jalcine I am glad this is getting some attention, and I hope careful consideration is given to how it is designed.

* I think that @cwebber is doing the most promising work with and concerning federated/distributed moderation, a "web of consent" centred on sharable, revokable permissions instead of managing lists.

* as fun as Mastodon is I think it is unfortunate that federation is dominated by a Twitter clone which encourages bad behaviour, A BBS/forum would be more manageable.

So I've been doing a lot of searching online on a particular Python library the last couple of days and I've been noticing a lot of search engine spam of marginal relevance that is ranked higher than it deserves to be (most especially on G**gle).

Anybody else starting to find this "programcreek.com" escalating from mildly curious to absolutely annoying? It seems to be some kind of algorithm-driven code-hoover--something like a precursor to Github Code Pilot.

@c0debabe the best would be if they were SVG files and you could zoom them all the way up to full screen for BIG MOOD

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