In 10 years @sir will accidentally eat a terabyte of storage when he inadvertently seasons his dinner with picoSD flash flakes instead of coarse ground pepper

@taweret That's a fantastic tribute to the late Don "Mr. Limpett" Knotts on the eve of what would have been his 95th birthday

@taweret his politics notwithstanding retired Tennessee Senator Bob Corker has the voice for it, when he's er...un-corked...


The current reigning "WTF champion" of password policy in my experience is the VPN access for the SCADA system of a client that shall be shamed but not named.

The password must be 10 characters.


Ten shall be he number of characters. Not 11, not 9. Twelve is Right Out.

The password must contain 1 or more uppercase letters, lowercase letters and (number or symbol).

Oh except spaces. Or slashes if I recall.


i wonder if the true lesson of these 'evil instances' appearing on the fediverse isn't the one i have been teaching all along -- safety is better accomplished through small communities (less than 100 active users) than having large silos?

@hyphen @lain maybe it's a sign that in enforcing their order upon the people totalitarian dictatorships are in violation of the natural order of the universe.


Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. Pyongyang looks pretty surreal to me, urban yet pastoral, like it was built for five times the population or something.

Also it is like the Kim Dynasty violated a Doctor-Who-like temporal nexus when they took power and the timeline collapsed, with bits of today leaking into 50 years ago.

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This is a problem.

Yes I may be touching the third rail here... but this is Vice media's fault that this shitstorm started in the first place.

I #arduino custom keyboard that i use for twitch streaming. Now with 3mm black acrylic casing! I got some crap on my blog for having the final product as just a circuit board.. Similar to a Raspberry Pi the case is up to you. It's personal. Unique. I'm only adding a case just to show one possibility. link how i made it is here -

@acesabe Nylon/polyester/etc are not exactly 3d printed. It is more like they are extruded into really thin filaments which are woven into fabric on a different machine.

But you probably could "weave" it with by printing alternating patterns of single strand lines and allowing the layers to cool enough in between so they don't adhere into a solid piece :blobthinkingcool:


Playing with 3D-printed fabrics. Feels really weird & funny but pleasant in the hands.

@ajroach42 @djsundog This is reminiscent of dial-up BBS federated networks like FIDOnet and Citadel, but maybe with more not-always-online modes of transport in addition to POTS.

The fediverse...

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@dansup seems appropriate considering how much childish behaviour goes on there, and that such behaviour gets rewarded with higher engagement and exposure.

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