@enigmatico Alfred Hitchcock's sequel to "Birds"

(when the solution to a problem becomes the new problem)

So you know back when you were a kid there were those creepy guys with pagers that your mum said to stay away from that hung out at the school that pushed stuff that your mum said to never touch to the kids that your mum said would never amount to anything?

I think I've figured out where those creepy guys are now.

They are at cloud hosting companies selling S3 and S3 compatible object storage services.

@Taweret that said regular consumption of Velveeta™️ on Ramen would mean slow death for anyone TBH

@Taweret since I have Celiac disease and a Casein allergy, for me this is not a meal it's a murder weapon

@verita84 @apps if your site is low traffic and your upload speed is 10 megabits/sec the Pi's poor I/O performance won't be the bottleneck 😂 but yeah...besides the unreliable supply of RasPi stuff it is amongst the poorest of choices.

Since Pi4's have been unobtanium here lately, and because I want better networking performance, I have been playing with alternatives from and which testing has indicated can provide essentially true sustained gigabit speeds. The boards look pretty solid in that respect.

@apps ...if ISPs in your service area are unwilling to provide "small business" level service to your location, or the cost difference is too high, you could always get a minimal $5/month VPS and set it up as a tunnel/vpn server with a reverse web proxy to your home rig tunnel/VPN client(s). That would get around the dynamic IP and blocked ports of home internet service and keep cloud hosting costs to a minimum.

@apps I am in the process of (as time permits) migrating services I've hosted from virtual machines on a couple of10 year old Supermicro servers in my garage to a cluster of little ARM SBCs. You obviously have to watch things closer than cloud compute instances but in my 20+ years of hosting from home it has been safe and functional enough.

If you have reasonable firewall rules...and if you want added peace of mind and intrusion detection system like Zeek or whatever...it isn't all that risky for smaller, lower traffic sites. It only becomes a problem for really big well known high traffic websites which attract bad actors looking for high impact targets.

Your internet service may need an upgrade depending on what you currently have. I have always had "small business" internet service which offers a fixed IP and permits servers listening on standard ports, though upload speed is not quite what I want it is adequate. A local ISP is rolling out symmetrical gigabit fibre which I will be moving to...


Hi my name is Mark Shane Hayden

but you can legally call me Mark

or you can illegally call me Shane...

It's kind of like John Cougar Mellencamp but I dunno...flipped around and not as cool.

Perhaps I should pick an *animal* Illegal Middle Name.

I hope Elon watched this you can't just fill space with garbage without consequences y'hear?!

well, the entire city was destroyed but in the end, we learned about the power of friendship


I am having trouble getting over the ridiculous "spaceballs go to an LA Rams game" headgear

the way Godzilla just tips over like an old oak tree is fantastic

piece of crap shoulda used a Makita drill instead if that Black and Decker junk

spacezilla's new Fortress of Solitude is pretty cool actually

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