@Capheind very cool...this is like a more solar punk version of farmshow.com/ (which I have read for decades now for all the cool farm-made kit and the bad Ole and Lena jokes :blobtonguewink: )

@stux OhNo that doesn't seem right I hope they fix that! Can you still go to mstdn.io/sidekiq manually if the link is missing from the admin page or is the it completely gone?

@apLundell @Taweret @Louisa in McDonaldland the burger patch in front of the restaurant is like the lobster tank in a fancy seafood restaurant in the real world

@vertigo @requiem @cstanhope That is probably why even programming DCS/PLC/SCADA stuff almost never follows a TDD approach. Although simulation tests cost little more than a bit of time these systems are part of a larger project which cannot be practically tested "end to end", and the methodology kind of has to fit the project as a whole.

I think the mistake that is mostly made is thinking by management types that TDD alone sufficiently prevents defects when it doesn't (all tests passed...time to release right now!). It isn't an either/or situation. TDD can make it more efficient to develop code that properly meets specifications (and makes for well designed specs) but it doesn't replace comprehensive reviews and end to end testing somewhat like you'd see in a cleanroom approach...it would just make it go more smoothly and thus probably more quickly..

@vertigo cynically, I guess I could say the waterfall/hazop/cleanroom approaches of Big Engineering produce quite robust solutions that are either very late, over budget or do not fully satisfy the needs of the end user, whereas a heavily TDD focused approach is more apt to produce results that meet the end user's needs quickly and efficiently but are more likely to blow up in some unexpected way in the future :blobcheeky:

@requiem @cstanhope

@vertigo I'm not saying some form of unit testing doesn't happen during implementation in engineering overall because it definitely does...more that "test driven development process" as I have seen it practiced in typical computer programming doesn't typically happen. Like, it's more "development driven testing" in that detailed requirements are formally created, then implemented and completion of testing is dependent on a review of the completed implementation.

@requiem @cstanhope

@requiem @vertigo @cstanhope what we recognise as test driven development in computer software is virtually unheard of in other engineering disciplines. Processes like hazop and squad checks are more like intensive/comprehensive code reviews.

Hazop is kind of equivalent to devising the tests I guess, but the process is waaaay more involved than how unit tests seem to be created. For example in a process control system's safeguard system PLCs every single potential execution path is enumerated and examined even if it seems nonsensical.

Typical computer software is too complex to expect 100% coverage I guess but in the unit tests I see they sometimes seem to miss wide swaths of potential scenarios because they don't fit the use case.

@snappy_ranger @ariadne horse paste has always had "not for human consumption" and "keep away from children" warnings on it but in the post-critical-thinking era we have entered a certain segment of the population has decided they are above such advice.

I dunno maybe we could have fun with it and put it out there that eating Preparation H is a cure-all too.

transphobia, extremism 

@Lofenyy @emacsen I've seen people in my life change in similar ways, and in every case it seems to be associated with algorithmically-driven, engagement based social media. Yes, people have always changed over time but until the rise of Facebook and Google-owned YouTube I'd never seen people change so abruptly. The message amplification effect of The Algorithms seems tailor made for "recruitment" for any movement, good or evil, and unfortunately evil gets "higher engagement".

I know people who work in education and healthcare who've gone full anti-vax, professional truck drivers and tradespeople who were totally pro-union, NDP (left wing) voters fall deep into the Freedom Convoy hole and go Full Trump. It's quite unreal!

Nina Paley seems to have fallen into that trap as well. Just as people are pulled into the alt-right by moderate-sounding "alt-lite" personalities and gradually pushed to extremes, Paley looks to have been pulled in gradually from "questioning" into hateful TERF.

@mwlucas I'd like to see something on hosting email but if you think that subject is too terrifying another installment of Immortal Clay would be OK too


weird brain « Mode Français » engaged...

bread in the ass pain

pain in the ass pain

« bread » dans le cul pain

@Taweret if you excitedly ask when the probing starts they get pretty weirded out too

So! I say again, if you want to have the videos you make seen by a bunch of weirdos on the internet and a few thousand people in a couple of small towns in the north GA mountains, get in touch.

New Ellijay TV launches soon!

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