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Davito V. here apparently has zero friends.

Quelle surprise.

@thegibson @ajroach42 there is nothing ironic in that statement in my opinion. Docker isn't designed to make things mode reliable, it is meant to make deployment easier. The complexity added by additional abstractions combined with the lack of isolation from the hosting system make Docker a liability in terms of making something dependable.

I say this even as I host my own instance in Docker :blobcheeky:

I am actually using Docker less and less. My use case doesn't benefit from it.

Spotify sent @squirrel a free Google "home mini" surveillance device and I've been avoiding setting it up to her dismay.

I want to make sure it is sufficiently sequestered from my regular home network before it gets online (on a different WiFi and LAN) so I can watch and control what it is doing.

Perhaps I'm overreacting, but I have absolutely zero trust in Google.


...I want to automate all the things, but not with evil $h!tty Google or Amazon or overpriced proprietary crappie like control4. If only I had the time!

Alas, any hobby projects I take up will have to be small and simple if I have any hope of finishing them.

@sungo I help out my dad at the family farm every autumn to blow out the irrigation lines and "winterize" the system. He is in his 80s and though in great health for his age it's a difficult task to do by himself, manually connecting up an air compressor and turning drain valves and walking back and forth between the house and the various locations to switch the zones etc.

I just want to swap out that 1980s timer system and put SOVs on the drains and just make it all run off his mobile...

@garfiald and yet Americans elected one to lead their country. Strange.


SHT is an appropriate name for those sensors...they are kind of SH(i)T. Though the SHT2x are a little bit better I guess.

They seem to work best if they aren't near their range limits (especially high humidity) and if you don't have them powered continuously. I wasn't trying to conserve power since I was making a wired unit but even so I had best results powering up, waiting a short time for the SHT to stabilize then taking one reading and powering off until next poll (10 per hour)

@gdkar @thegibson looks like we're all "second wave" fediversians.
Next Saturday (May 25) my second "fediversary". I decided that instead of joining an instance I would just spin up my own, 'cuz I'm weird that way. It was truly shouting into a void lol.

@KitRedgrave was one of the earliest ones to have their toots find their way onto coales.co somehow and make my time line more interesting.

I appreciate the pioneers that stick around!

Ubuntu devs: bros do you even test?

If you're gonna put a tiny little systemd-resolved in there somewhere can you at least properly configure NSS so name resolution works consistently, especially in environments like split horizon DNS?

Things like this remind me why ordinary Debian is my go-to OS these days.

@squirrel @brainblasted @nev crowd is a bit younger there compared to the old server she used to play but it still looks like fun

@brainblasted @nev I think @squirrel is playing as I type this :blobtonguewink: She is like a den mother for the kids who play on the server she hangs out on lol. They had a sprawling Houston - like city and I think she raised food to supply the McDonald's 🀣

They had some problems with "grieving" so they reset and now they're making a "hidden" underground settlement to try and avoid being pillaged.

@yogthos the "back office" system at my daygig is 90% ramen, figuratively speaking. I am hoping I can convince the directors to replace it with something more substantial.

@Linux @hund @munosendai @kaniini @dtluna

I'm not sure where this idea comes from that XML is complex TBH. The advantages in parsing it are mostly in javascript bit there are solid libraries to parse either in any language. JSON is probably more compact I suppose but XML processing can be quite powerful with XSLT and so on.

I see no meaningful difference in development effort based on the data format that would justify implementation of a protocol with design flaws.

@kev @brandon sounds good but mozzarella on poutine is kinda weird. Best is with Montreal smoked meat and a doll pickle on the side with a spruce beer pop to drink.

See this is why I bought a camera. I didn't even know birds did this!

They are great crested grebes. The other parent was cruising around looking for food.


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