@puzzled I do indeed make sure all my site's dependencies are self hosted along with my site including fonts because I'm weird that way plus all the aforementioned reasons.

Copyright is complicated so I make sure to use unencumbered fonts. Smarter people than I can tell you for sure but I think it is even a violation of copyright to *link* to some things you incorporate into your site even if you don't host it.

Also the vast majority of google fonts can be legally downloaded and hosted on your own server. Some people argue that leaving them on Google is faster because CDN caching etc etc but in my experience that is BS.

Thankfully it isn't solid down and is responding when I reload once in awhile when it does block. However if you think the global supply chain is fragile you should see how bad the internet is now that we've let Google, AWS and Cloudflare run practically all of it.

Those 3 especially have pretty much ruined everything that made the internet dependable.

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it seems fonts.googleapis.com is down for vast swaths of the interwebs, and I'm sick and tired of sites that hard link to said site having to wait for the timeout before I finally get a slightly broken version of the site.

Today's lesson is: don't be complicit in Google's effort to turn the world wide web into a massive garbage fire. Remove all dependencies on google services from your website now!

@FiXato @Taweret could use a little more cowbell

you know...to ward off the worm in case you stumble upon it anyways

@clacke yes I saw such an ethernet port on the most recent notebook I provisioned for work. The orifice resembles a USB-A port at first glance but the lower jaw sort of unhinges to accommodate the locking tab part as you jack in. Aside from trying to plug USB cables into it accidentally when sleep deprived they are pretty neat!

@requiem in the land of long haul SCADA links we like to say "9600 baud ought to be enough for anyone"

@requiem only one port can be available on the header at any given time. Which port is mapped to those pins depends on config.txt settings.

IIRC by default pins 8/10 are mapped to ttyS0 software "mini UART" on bluetooth equipped Pis. It is unreliable at speeds over 19.2kbps in my experience and only properly supports N81 (ie. no parity). I can't remember the config.txt settings but you can disable bluetooth and map the pins to ttyAMA0 if you need higher speed or reliability or parity.

@requiem serial over the GPIO pins on RasPi is a bit of a mess with the ttyAMA0 being solid but commandeered by bluetooth when it is enabled and ttyS0 being flaky under load at high speeds but always available. Also obviously no hardware handshaking so maybe see if software is set to expect that?

@Taweret whenever you think you're old enough to cope with the reality that the cats are the ones who adopted you

@djsundog a series of tubes with terrible latency but unbeatable bandwidth is an essential utility

@tindall web apps are supposed to be growth centric over user centric. So saith The Investors. As such, user-hostile design patterns are chosen when they enhance growth potential.

Thus we have "keep me logged in" by default and the inconveniently located or absent logout button and the prominent sign-up page incorporating the tiny "already registered? log in" link. Why make signing in easy and convenient? This is Hotel California where all good guests never browse private/incognito and allow all cookies and never leave?

This is the mindset of the same people who brought you banner ads with 4-by-4-pixel 'x' icon.

@nyquildotorg I thought Columbian Coke was the most popular I guess you learn something new every day

Techy - 

@k MSFTs open source initiative has always been kinda fucky TBH

at this point I've taken to calling Debian "Frank's RedHot OS" because I put that s#!t on everything now

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