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@velartrill If you want energy use to go down, energy /prices/ have to increase.

Efficiency /buys more power expenditure/, because it effectively /lowers prices/.

Wm. Stanley Jevons, 1860s. The Jevons paradox.

We've made computers millions of times more efficient over the past 40 -50 years. That hasn't /reduced/ the number of computers or amount of computation, it's /increased/ it. And ... for comparatively little upside.

It was my brother's birthday today which is fine except I just realized that as of now the majority of us "kids" in the family can now officially order from the seniors' menu 😬

Don't you just HATE it when a process blocks your I/O?

"There isn't a circuit big enough to hold you"

Yori sure knows how to flatter a programme :blobtonguewink:

Wow I never realized this...

I think John Boy Walton got his mole removed, got a CS degree and changed his name to Alan Bradley!

I want that conference table for my kitchen. Except it looks kinda leggy lol

turns out that cross-breeding a corgi with any other dog results in a miniature version of that dog πŸ˜†

So I finally saw that Gillette advert (oops I mean "short story" :blobtonguewink: ) and my takeaway is...

WTH is so controversial? What is so offensive about saying we should not bully people and treat women with respect? It's bad enough they felt they had to remind men about something they should have learned as children but to get ANGRY about it?

It's about time all those whiny "proud boys" hating on this message to finally grow up and become "humble men" :blobrollingeyes:

There have been some posts about ActivityPub I haven't replied to. I think a couple of them were directly trying to bait my interest, given how often I have talked about Worse Is Better and lisp machines vs unix here, and how I have been talking about bringing object capabilities to ActivityPub since before AP was even a W3C recommendation. (You don't need to throw out AP to do it.)

However, instead of just writing about things, I'll be building solutions. Announcement coming early Feb.

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