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Current State of Mind:

All the positivity and enthusiasm of Boober with all the decisiveness and conviction of Wembly.

It's in and our community is enjoying the sunshine and camaraderie! We need to know our neighbours better...face to face not just online! Thanks @squirrel for getting us involved!

Various circumstances make it difficult for our community to be heard so it is great to be recognised by our local representatives:

And Calgary Mayor

It's going to take awhile to un-cross my eyes after soldering these tiny wires to these tiny SHT31 sensor boards that will connect to these tiny ESP32 micros 馃お

All the regulation and trust-busting thinkable won't properly fix our broken internet unless interoperability is mandated. Misapplied regulation can even further concentrate power and make abuse worse.

#PrideMonth isn't about being proud of our sexuality or gender. It's about being proud of surviving & continuing to fight against the oppression we've faced our entire lives -- oppression we continue to face every day.

Meanwhile, #StraightPride is a deliberate attempt to change the narrative, to discount all our hard work, all our fighting and sacrifice, & reframe it into the "pride in our sexuality/gender" shit.

#Pride will never be for the ruling class. It will always be for the oppressed.

Hey uhhhh...are you alright?

Fully half the "recommended videos" you're showing me now feature or are about "Ariana Grande". I vaguely know she is an American pop star but I've never listened to her music or watched videos of her before.

I know my privacy settings are dialled way up and thus YouTube has limited insight into who I am, but on earth do your determine that one particular pop star is of such interest to the general public?

Is it just me or are those blurry image hash thingies recently put on sometimes more creepy or disturbing than the actual images they conceal?

in natural/clear PETG really does diffuse LED light nicely. I think I will print lots of LEDs-inside-PETG things!

The humble little Pi that now serves as my print server (hooked to both my regular paper printer and my new 3D printer) has a cozy new home, spun with natural (clear) PETG.

The LEDs look pretty shining through the translucent lattice created by the

Reminder for libertarians is opening after 2300 UTC, June 7!!!

We're going to have #WAN2Hex this Friday, 7 of June, at 21:12 UTC to watch the movie Hackers again! :ablobdj:

It's timed so by the end of the movie we can all press F5 until the store opens and we get some gorgeous limited edition H town patches before they all sell out *forever*. :ablobcatrave:

"Straight pride" take 

"Straight pride" take 

...anyways a little PSA:

Instance admins: even if your site is small be sure to aggressively block web crawlers. More and more they ignore robot.txt etiquette, and in light of recent archiving incidents you want to have some control over distribution of user's public posts.

Fediversians: REALLY BE CAREFUL about what you publicly post. Delete works only on reliable fediverse servers. Evil bots don't respect post deletes when hoarding data.

Stay safe! :blobpats:

3/3 (EOF)

...not only does show complete disregard for robots.txt, it also ignores any sort of session management cookies etc. As such, every single file it crawled created a new anonymous session in kallithea, creating a file in my sessions store until the nodes were exhausted on the filesystem and it crashed.

I finally had the need to put aggressive bot/crawler blocking on my nginx reverse proxy for the first time. I think being on the fediverse right attention to myself lol...

2/3 (oops!)

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