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So is up to their usual BS again, formally adding "hacking" (infosec) videos to the list of forbidden content. It is certain to be enforced by The before long. Seems they are determined to become the premiere destination for vapid, pointless video content.

The reach of this policy will be broad. Retro games are already being jerked around for talking about "hardware hacks" of classic systems. Makers and modders of all kinds are now more vulnerable to the .

Hmm a bit of a "flare-up" out in the clouds today.


A flare-down actually.

Can we just stop un-internetting the internet with these giant silo systems already?

@ddevault I just published my first video on PeerTube, thanks @kaniini!

Oh hi everyone. I'm sleepy and had a random thought...there is no without so don't resist the different in defence of the same, and don't merely tolerate the different. Celebrate the different. Embrace the different. Be different. It makes a difference.

OK I'm rambling now time for sleep nite nite :blobpats: 😴

"SMART (surveillance marketed as revolutionary technology)"

That's a great acronym!

A spool of red PETG sitting on a holder made out of...itself :blobtonguewink:

I don't know why that amuses me I guess I'm easily amused.

response to the headline "Combine AMP and PWA for ultra-fast mobile experiences" 

how to actually have an ultra fast mobile experience:

-> limited use of javascript
-> limited use of heavy css effects
-> limited off-server requests

Finally got tired of hanging my filament spools off @squirrel 's clothing rack when I'm so I made up a simple holder in and 11 hours later presto! The first half is done :blobtonguewink:

(Could have done a small thing I guess but I wanted to try bigger models for practise lol)

Google's version of WebRTC was out of spec:

Google/YouTube preventing Edge Preview(based on Chromium) users from using the "new" YouTube look:

This one's a little old but is just an example:

This is not to mention that whenever someone tries to get support from Google on a Google product, if they're ever using a non-Chromium/Chrome web browser, their first suggestion is to use Chrome

@Torrone @dazinism @wion

False. the #Pinephone is fully functional on mainline Linux.

There's also developers from several of the main Linux mobile distributions (PostmarketOS, Maemo Leste, LuneOS, Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish) onboard with the project and most of those already have feature-complete builds on dev hardware.


Fun Fact:

The MSWord .doc file format basically originated as a raw memory snapshot.

As in, whenever you clicked "save" you were pretty much just doing a core dump.

That tells you what kind of mindset the MSOffice team operates under.

Current State of Mind:

All the positivity and enthusiasm of Boober with all the decisiveness and conviction of Wembly.

It's in and our community is enjoying the sunshine and camaraderie! We need to know our neighbours better...face to face not just online! Thanks @squirrel for getting us involved!

Various circumstances make it difficult for our community to be heard so it is great to be recognised by our local representatives:

And Calgary Mayor

It's going to take awhile to un-cross my eyes after soldering these tiny wires to these tiny SHT31 sensor boards that will connect to these tiny ESP32 micros 🤪

All the regulation and trust-busting thinkable won't properly fix our broken internet unless interoperability is mandated. Misapplied regulation can even further concentrate power and make abuse worse.

#PrideMonth isn't about being proud of our sexuality or gender. It's about being proud of surviving & continuing to fight against the oppression we've faced our entire lives -- oppression we continue to face every day.

Meanwhile, #StraightPride is a deliberate attempt to change the narrative, to discount all our hard work, all our fighting and sacrifice, & reframe it into the "pride in our sexuality/gender" shit.

#Pride will never be for the ruling class. It will always be for the oppressed.

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