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Any movie with a time lord in it is worth watching, even when he has a Christopher Walken-ish accent.

I made a button you could implement on your website to show that the internet shouldn't be dominated by the tech giants making the internet one big mass of facebook profiles and gmail accounts. ISP did some fixing this morning and it seems to have made a noticeable improvement to reliability and performance, even compared to before I was having issues with connections dropping the last couple weeks. Faster upload speeds in particular.

Seems to be making my mastodon instance more pleasant to use and federation perform better at least. I'm sorry I didn't complain sooner--I have this tendency to assume such things are my fault lol.

is there an instance called because there should be

and so it came to pass that wil wheaton came among us. a haughty man was he, brash and full of what in those days was called clout

Tired: Gonzo journalism

Wired: Statler & Waldorf journalism

Hired: Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem journalism

@snowdusk_ I just realized I completely missed Wasabi!!! TT o TT ) I'll have to tune in tomorrow!

Good news, though: the Altair 8800 is up and working!

We really need federated web search. Social media and video platforms are good, but we can't trust that DDG and the like will remain upstanding forever.

i'm serious. fedi watch of the muppet movie. let's do it. who's in? when can we do it?

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