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hello! i wrote (!) about has css has evolved over the past 20 years, at least as i remember it

You know the thing in Futurama where the bureaucrats fly desks around to access enormous walls of filing cabinets?

That’s a real thing!!! (!!!!!)

Behold The Central Social Institution of Prague. It’s apparently still in operation.

Cursed tales from the gym 

So normally when I go to the gym the TVs are showing some kind of sportsball or hockey or racing. But the last few days all the TVs have been tired to this TLC channel.

And this horrible channel was showing this horrible show called "My 600lb Life".

In the gym. During peak hours.

How fucked up is that?

The fact that show is even a thing is fucked up.

Doctor Who S12E05, spoilers 

imagine telling to someone "yeah Captain Jack returns but it’s only like the third most important thing that happens in the episode"

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If your website isn't viewable in Mosaic then it's a bad website

Doesn't have to look nice, just has to be usable

celebrity death, metal 

Former DEATH / CYNIC Drummer Sean Reinert Dead at Age 48

Sad to hear this, especially on the heels of Neil Peart's death. Two amazing drummers this year. RIP.

It’s 2020.

It’s easier than ever to have your own site.

If you want help, e-mail me at or just reply and I’ll help.

It’s super evident that platforms that exist aren’t going to help you out. So let’s stop sharecropping on platforms that harms us and our own. (

Here is a nice article that explains why I am *SO* excited about the @mntmn's MNT Reform Laptop

A laptop that's FOSS as far down as you can go, even repairable by 3d printing replacement parts. Awesome.

Thanks to @mnemonic and @ella_kane for hosting another #WeAreNameless session! And thanks to #OTV for their streaming work!

Trust David Cronenberg to mess with your mind.

I'm not sure if *I'm* not still in the game.

Everyone knows not to order the special. The special is always the stuff that is left over or about to spoil that they want to get rid of.

Microsoft should hire David Cronenburg to design the next xbox controller

Any movie with a time lord in it is worth watching, even when he has a Christopher Walken-ish accent.

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