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Lewis Smith had Maximum Twink Energy here....perfect 🀣

"you are over New Jersey...but all is not lost"

I don't know...that sounds pretty grim

it's terrible when you spill your insulating liquid before penetration

Big BooTAY..

I bet hes one of those snobby types that pronounces Target "TarJHAY"...

I'm gonna go make a purchase at TarJHAY....

The enhanced interrogation techniques of the Lectroids are pretty weak. Some people do that kind of stuff for fun

Karen says:

Why doesn't John Lithgow have any little yellow assistants?

I'd like to speak with a manager

For Americans, declaring war is easier than filling out a 1040

Imagine that awkward feeling when someone finds an overthruster in her purse

Lol the watermelon...I didn't know PressTube was up to their business so long before YouTube

COVID political type sh!tpost 

the palindromic prime 1000000000000066600000000000001 is known as Belphegor's Prime, named after #Belphegor, one of the seven princes of Hell. Belphegor's Prime consists of the number 666, on either side enclosed by thirteen zeroes and a one. Belphegor's Prime is an example of a beastly #palindromic #prime in which a prime p is palindromic with 666 in the center. #calculotrivia #maths #Math

At lunch I started getting the sense that somebody was watching me. So I went to the front door and looked out and saw the neighbour and her little kidlet finishing up this...

So the good(?) ship Docker carrying my instance sank last night some time and will forever remain gone. Thankfully no data at all was lost except for my sidekiq statistics. The data volumes were all intact so I set up a new VM and installed Mastodon sans-docker. Good riddance. Maybe things will get steadier back on KVM-land.

Also er...I accidentally upgraded my Mastodon in the process. I mean...I was *sure* I pulled the 2.9.x branch but it just didn't want to stay there. I guess it was time.

ISP when you ask for a static public IPv4 address: uhh...I don't know how to do that let me ask my supervisor. It's going to cost you though...

ISP when you ask for a public static IPv6 address: sure, just register on our website and we'll give you 18 trillion by default for free

Gonna go down the IPv6 rabbit hole this Easter weekend...

Seems Hurricane Electric's service is free, easy to sign up for and has a tunnel server right in YYCIX which is so close by it's next best thing to being on the LAN...Gonna get me my own /48 address block to put muh stuff on!

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