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What's worse than losing stuff in the couch cushions?

Well I guess I know now 😬

Universal access to television will save society 😜

100% handwired split keyboard with no plate, no PCB, no case. Held together by the carefully bent and soldered wires.

album at:
build log and previous boards:

TFW Industry legend boss favs your tweet at midnight and you want to tell him to go to bed, but then you realize you’re up too.

Fedi usage PSA 


Having people assume, literally on first sight, that you are a thief is demeaning. Having to live your entire life that way...I'll never be able to fully comprehend the experience.

Anyways my actual "shower thought" today...

When as a white person wishes to be an ally and asks *how can I help you*...imagine how often a person of colour has had white people "offer help" in a shop or similar context like I described above.

We must really listen and work hard and change to earn trust.

Show thread I'm used to being ignored by staff in shops. At most I am asked if I need help incentive then left alone. Staff don't speak to me unless I first speak to them.

But on that evening, we were comparatively lavished with attention.

"Can I help you?"

"Are you looking for anything in particular?"

"I'm right here if you need anything"

Superficially it seemed like very attentive service, but the subtle behaviour of the staff gave it away.

They were reminding us they were watching us.


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Just a shower thought here...

When I was a university student I went out with an Indigenous person. Being in social situations as part of an interracial couple for the first time was an eye opening experience. Nobody could deny there was racism in 1990s Canada of course, but the ubiquitous subtle racism was

I still remember the first time we spent an evening at West Edmonton Mall for a movie, dinner and shopping


...I have recently set up NextCloud calendars and we have reminded all employees of their existence and advised them to stop using Google calendar due to the increasing amount of evil BS from that service.

My employer has used Google services for years, though we are down to just gmail and maps now. I'm REALLY hoping we can ditch at least gmail some day so we can escape the black hole that is Google

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So a work colleague sent out an invite over Google Calendar to a videoconference hosted on our company Jitsi server yesterday, and because Google is "smart" they decided to add prominent links to *its own service* to the in more prominent than the actual link to our Jitsi server that we were using. It did so without asking permission or prior warning.

After the customer sat in an empty Google meeting for 10 minutes we phoned directly to direct him to the proper meeting...

What if... What IF there were a whole book of upending ducks? Well `

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