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@atdt0 also, sorry fro the approval delay. Seems the emails from the mastodon server were getting blocked from being sent out.

Silly mastodon. Silly email.

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Hey @atdt0 glad to come acrosd a sign-up without a bot-like comment and with an IP address that seems to be in my time zone!

Welcome to my little outpost in the fediverse!

George: jerry, there's a warbird out there

Jerry: put it on the screen

George: it is on the screen. you think I'm gonna tell you there's a warbird and not put it on the screen?

Jerry: it's blurred. it's a blurred warbird

George: there's another approaching. and another

jerry: a third blurred warbird?

...well I guess if you reject a pending new user request in Mastodon it actually deletes the record instead of marking it as rejected and retaining it. So there ain't no undo.


Well I guess if you requested to have an account on my instance and got rejected then try again, and for good measure fill out the comment with a friendly note that stands out and looks different from the bots 😂

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Ooops! I think I rejected a real pending user among all the spammers! I'm sorry if you are a real person and got rejected...Maybe the record is still in the database and I can revive it...

In 1990, after taking Borland International, Inc. from a nickel-and-dime nobody to a Brand Name taking on Microsoft for developer mindshare, apparently Kahn felt the need to flex some of the non-tech stuff swimming inside him.

This led to the release of the only album I know of that was published by Borland Musical Craftmanship, a division of Borland International.

Catalog number BMC-1001.

Philippe Kahn's "Pacific High", published in 1991.

Up next on @nowplaying

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The channel is new but the person behind it is actually at YouTube veteran. He had to start from scratch because of bullshit copyright harassment so I hope he gets some support!

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@mike had a link on his site to a YouTube video about the unreleased Commodore 900 that was broken, but I did a searched it was re-posted under a new channel in which I found myself lost in a wonderland of obscure retro tech!

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A post from @mike floated by on my stream there he mentioned his site and it sent me down a rabbit hole...

Here's another pics last night of the bad storm in Calgary this was by our gym @msh

A rare Motorola 88000 workstation

Original LUNA-88K boot splash screen, bootloader, #OpenBSD kernel boot message, and monochrome X screen. #retrocomputing

...and we're back. It's been awhile since I've had a power outage longer than my UPS keeps things running (only second time in the 3 years I've run this instance) but makes me want to put a big battery bank in some day so I can run for over an hour.

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Thunderstorm. Power outage. My instance may shut down for a bit...

See what happens when you let Facebook do anything it wants with Oculus Rift?

If EssilorLuxottica merged with Google and Boeing...

What's worse than losing stuff in the couch cushions?

Well I guess I know now 😬

Universal access to television will save society 😜

100% handwired split keyboard with no plate, no PCB, no case. Held together by the carefully bent and soldered wires.

album at:
build log and previous boards:

TFW Industry legend boss favs your tweet at midnight and you want to tell him to go to bed, but then you realize you’re up too.

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