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I'm a weirdo that runs one of my DNS servers in my garage and the other on a $5 vps instead of using a DNS hosting service which seemed like a foolish thing to do until now

COVID mask rage 

Fragile white person claims to be "too sick" to wear a mask cites a 5 year old medical letter about a cyst on her uterus as evidence.

Lady if that's your issue maybe you're wearing the mask wrong?

(This is not an ad so sorry if it sounds like one, I'm just having fun with this thing)

This smol PLC is a very good boi.

This company is known for its cheap PLCs like the $69 Click (nice!), good for people to learn industrial automation but the programming software is a little craptacular.

This here is even better. The CPU module is basically an Arduino MKR that is a bit ruggedised and you can just use Arduino IDE and it's very open!

(Re)Making a ColecoVision

[Leaded Solder] found some ColecoVision game cartridges at a flea market, and like most of us would, thought, “I’ll build a ColecoVision console from scratch to play them!” Well, maybe most of us would think of that, but not ac…

Original tweet :

They don't make things like they used to.

I had baked my dinner entree in a "Pyrex" dish and was transferring it to my plate when, without warning the baking dish shattered into thousands of tiny shards all over my kitchen counter and my dinner. Behold the result (dinner plate and food removed).

I wish Pyrex was actually still borosilicate. Don't buy Pyrex. It's garbage now. Make sure you buy real borosilicate glass beware.

Here's one of my absolute favorite shots, "Momentary", where one had been sailing over the other, before being kicked out of the way mid-air, leaving them with a perfectly hapless expression.

#RabbitsOfMastodon #wildlife #bunnies

#ProjectIdea: website to check the relative "weights" (in terms of MB to download) for websites and apps.

Can take 2 at a time, and display them with app icons/favicons on a weighing balance, with the heavier one tipped down ⚖️

Inspiration: just realised the #Gmail webapp takes more MBs to load than #Thunderbird! :thunderbird: 😮

I'm trying to speak Python more fluently but it keeps sounding like I'm talking Fortran with a Lisp

This gives me the kind of vibes not felt since STOS and AMOS were released

Who comes out from the fiery furnace when you least expect it?

OK @dansup did some vlog posts on his new alt and they're very ... Coolman Coffeedan...sup

cultural appropriation take by a non-immigrant 

Center cultural appropriation debates on racialized people's experiences, not white people's wrongdoing.

Just look at those effin' bears too...staring, with those smirks on their faces. Mocking me.

They're in on the joke.

I half expect those damn bears to burst out laughing when I open the jar and it's empty.

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At some point in time the peanut butter people switched their jars from natural translucent plastic to plastic that is dyed to a colour perfectly matching the peanut butter and I do not appreciate the games this plays with my mind

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