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Behold..."Informix Error Messages"...aka the "DevOops Manual"

628 glorious pages of nothing but numeric error codes and their meanings

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One you have installed this infobeast you have to feed and care for it, which is detailed in this weighty 2 volume tome

Informix is...chunky

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The installation guides are slim and unassuming in order to lull you into a false sense of security.

Don't let that fool you. This is a bit more than `apt install informix`

Note the Order of Installation. Thou shalt not deviate from The Order lest you wind up in Sysop Purgatory

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OK let's look at some more Old Computer Books...

Check out the Tower of Database Power

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The Complete AutoCAD reference really *is* complete at least as of 1993. Probably still mostly valid today too

The Student Manual reads a lot like a textbook (for CAD in general not just how to use AutoCAD specifically) and indeed it was listed as the textbook in the syllabus for the course I took

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The cover art is exceptionally good by computer manual standards. I'm diggin' this Airport in the Sky.

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Wow look at these license terms...

"You may not...use this program outside of the US or Canada"

I wonder if BSA agents followed people who went on a trip to Mexico with their luggabe PCs to make sure they didn't open AutoCAD

Since this is a student edition I will probably have to go back to school to run this, or I'll get visited by a man in a dark suit and sunglasses

Well at least the license is concise and clear πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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This is Pandora's Box of Magnetic Media.

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Let's see what else there is here...

Oh excellent found the manuals AND the box for the Autocad Release 10 Student Edition (for MSDOS) to go with those disks that were still kicking around too!

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What *is* a File Manager, really? :blobthinkingcool:

Before Widows became whimsical with its explorers and wizards it was all about business with all these Managers.

File Manager
Program Manager
Printer Manager

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The more thicc windows got the more thin the printed manual got.

It was even illustrated nicely and covered the applets like paint!

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Very well then...

Oh hey look I found the manual to go with my Windows 3.0 install floppies!

(Yes three point zero)

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We un-decked the halls this weekend and I decided to pull out some long forgotten bins under the stairs to make a bit more room for holiday decorations. One of the boxes was "old computer books" that I filled and put away under there when I moved in and hadn't looked in since.

I took possession of my home and moved here in October...of 1999 😬

Shall we explore what this time capsule has to offer?

So I'm watching a tech tutorial on YouTube just now and got a *half hour CES infomercial* from Samsung thrown randomly into the middle of the 20 minute video I was watching and...*ugh*

Yeah I can skip it thankfully but WTF I can't even.... :blobrollingeyes:


If you've been wondering why bellwether stock market numbers seem to have no connection to economic reality check out this example of the "wisdom" of the markets:

US pol, Tech giants 

So I wonder how hard and fast the Repugnantans will pivot to advocating for a regulated pro-antitrust regime now that they've seen the ease with which Big Tech can manipulate the series of tubes used to transport their vitriol?

Us pol news coverage 

Journalists are calling the Trumpistas "pro-Trump anarchists and terrorists"

How exactly are these people anarchists? They believe in facist authoritarianism!

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