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It's a Monday morning, so have a couple of manifestos (manifestoes? manifesti?) that meet my mood:

The Code It Yourself Manifesto by Christian Kellerman (h/t @crc):

The Handmade Manifesto by Andrew Chronister (h/t @owl):

Big CDNs are destroying the internet and should be dismantled

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Dammit CloudFlare stop making me help teach Google's damned algorithms how to find pictures of boats and bicycles already!

US/CA energy politics 

So perhaps it was reasonable to expect Biden would be a milquetoast president and let the KXL thing slide since it was a done deal and under construction already...but *really* how could anyone be surprised he might actually keep that particular campaign promise?

We have over 3 million tonnes of lithium sitting under Alberta between Edmonton and Red Deer and it's well past due we try to extract some cash from Musk in exchange for some of it.

Version 6.0 was Peak Microsoft Word

It was mostly all down hill from here

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AAAA! The bundled floppies are still there!

I still have drive to read all I need is a working motherboard that supports it

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Ah the 4 genders... male, female, plural 😬

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It is 1989 and according to "WordPerfect 5.1 Macros and Templates" gender is fluid.

It's a fact.

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WYSIWYG? What's that? The funny wigs they wear in British courts?

To get the secrets of the print you must reveal all the codez!

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Laser printers used to be so exotic and mysterious that they warranted a whole chapter on its own.

What is your Font Strategy? How do you use Cartridge Fonts? (If it doesn't work try blowing on it before plugging it into the printer!) How do you install soft fonts?

You don't even want to know how you'd distribute these fonts with a WP file!

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OK this stuff is kinda at the bottom of this old bin, and so it's certainly of the past century. Indeed we may be descending into the tail end of the 1980s here

I used WordPerfect 5.1 until people started looking at me funny for using it.

The Que book "Using WordPerfect" was very useful and well used. The Bantam book about the macros was too though it was WAY more extensive than I ever needed.

WP had very powerful and underappreciated macro capabilities.

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From the dates here it does appear this bin was indeed opened at least once since it established its home under the stairs after moving in here, but not long after.

Nothing else thus far has a 21st century date on it.

I suspect it was my first spring cleaning. In late spring of 2000 my employer went bankrupt (pop!) and I was invited to avail myself of some items in lieu of accrued vacation payout that would not be forthcoming as I packed up.

This and the Rockwell kit was likely added then.

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I was blessed with the good fortune of receiving my training in a Very Special certification session.

In addition to becoming Certifiable we each went home with a jar of Sockarooni pasta sauce, a bottle of balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing and a VHS copy of "The Towering Inferno"*

*DVD available by mail for a small postage and handling fee

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The top document indicates I completed the course, making me Certifiable I guess.

The bottom document declares I am Certified to administer Citrix Metaframe 1.8...if anyone needs my services (hey there's no expiry date!)

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Yeah order of install matters. If you installed this before selecting and installing the "terminal services" component of WinNT it can only result in mass hysteria.

Hence the post it applied to the cover of this admin guide.

It was well into this century before it was commonplace to provide serious dependency checks it seems.

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As a student in this recourse I *did* get a nice THICC textbook-like spiral-bound ( :blobaww: ) admin guide!

This isn't just a better RDS terminal server. It supported stuff like "multi-VGA" for server side rendering so you could set up a bunch of thin clients that can deliver graphically intense apps better.

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Complete set of client reference cards, all still in the shrink wrap!

I wonder if that makes them more collectable :blobtonguewink:

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