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"Bitcoin plunged today, from it's high of $319,650 set yesterday, to only $1,043. But that's still a big win for those who purchased it last weekend at $17." -- CNBC analyst Amy deRanged.

I hope @ajroach42 remembers to include a home for wayward row-butts in the new makerspace

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hey @squirrel and I are getting our first vaccine jabs tomorrow :ablobspin: :blobrainbow:

anyone know if the microchips in AstraZeneca are compatible with WireGuard I want to make sure our 5G links with BillG are secure

It's a snowy slushy Sunday here and that means staying out of the weather and crawling around for a bit.

I'd like to see if I can get Babel routing going on my node. Do I need to get permission/assistance from @djsundog or can I just beg forgiveness later?

The articlle @kepstin wrote looks pretty clear; just wondering what I would set for XX in the "participant number"

Once I run out of "plumbing" to tinker with I might actually start hosting something worth talking about!

From ...

2. VPN/Firewall
You may experience a slower Internet speed if you have a firewall or VPN enabled. Try turning them off to increase your speed.

Gee THANKS TELUS for the SOUND ADVICE :blobfacepalm:

Well, among other things I set up an authoritative DNS server on my gateway to for a couple of TLDs:


Now I have to figure out what to do with them lol. Has anyone else set up DNS in and also does zone transfers with others or set up forwarding with @djsundog or others?

I'm making some time this cold but sunny day to "jazz up" my little junction of and my home/hobby network in general (I wanna all the things!)

This shouldn't affect any of by public internet presences but some new TLDs may pop up in the tubes. Interestingly, however, the geolocation powers that be once again randomly think I am simultaneously in Calgary, Alberta (IPv4) and Fremont, California (IPv6).

The interwebs don't know what to make of my

food crime in progress 

i made a sandwich but instead of bread I used slices of gluten free angel food cake

I have no regrets and make no apologies

The cat was napping.
"You must have so much unused energy. Where does it go?"
The cat yawned. "If you must know, we're still paying off."
"Paying what?"
"A wise human said 'In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded'."
"Cats caused the Big Bang?"
"It's our universe."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Well Rivian has found itself on my electric vehicle shitlist along with Tesla for pledging to build our a network of thousands of charging stations but restricting them to Rivian vehicles only

Why to techy startups insist on being so selfish and short sighted? How will it help EV adoption to have service nations that will only fill one make of vehicle?

Can you imagine? "Sorry your Ford isn't welcome here our fule only works in GM vehicles"

A story of 2 networks:

* pings work between them
* traceroute6 works
* nmap -6 shows HTTPS and SSH open
* web and SSH work on same networks
* web and SSH do NOT work between the 2 networks


Pleased to announce that we're now peering with the subnet with @msh running operations in that subnet of #theTubes

Gonna make some room here in my outpost for an inlet from tonight.

Hey @djsundog is there still a subnet available? DM me any needed incantations required to enter the particular void!

Much thank :blobpats:

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