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Today, let us remember those who fell defending our freedom. Harry Connick Jr, who got blown up by the aliens before he could smoke cigars with Will Smith, those people on that roof with the signs, and last but not least, Randy Quaid who flew a fighter jet up into the mother ship while yelling "up yours" πŸ—½ :blobcry:


Pants are overrated

doubly so in this weather, in this AC-less Canadian home

Hey MSFT Windows 11 for Workgroups or don't even bother

I wrote some (updated) thoughts on the and ! A ton has changed and gotten slightly better or worse since six months ago. The mobile Linux movement is really exciting!

How did the hipster burn the roof of his mouth? He ate the pizza before it was cool.

When my wife told me to stop impersonating a flamingo, I had to put my foot down.

I was just looking at my ceiling. Not sure if it’s the best ceiling in the world, but it’s definitely up there.

How does Darth Vader know what Luke has for Christmas?

Because he felt his presents! πŸ€ͺ


I had a job flattening hills once, but I had to quit

It was degrading


So I went on my second vaxx bender today. Hope the hangover isn't too bad.

Spock's Brain, dumb 

So I'm watching this dumb episode this evening (on my small dumb bedroom TV because big dumb olf TV is broken and big dumb new TV is still in transit).

Seems obvious to me the cast knew this episode was going to be terribly dumb the moment they started reading the script so they played it a little extra campy as a sort of apology to the viewers.

sooo...Imma just embracing the dumb start to what looks like a pretty dumb week for me.

My main TV stopped working last night (it is a plasma from over 15 years ago I guess that is a long time in TV years these days) so today I set about looking for a Hen's Tooth

A TV that is Not Smart


So I went to the farm today and had my running and running with with me and thought I'd see if I could figure out USB tethering...

Well I turned on my computer, plugged the phone into the USB port and, well...connected!

No tapping through layers of menus like my old phone, no messing with any settings on my computer...well that was easy!

This is like the Garden of "just works" Eden except without the walls

June the Nybbles and Bytes lady did her first livestream today and introduced us to her early prototype/concept Commodore 128D mini (about 10 minutes in) and I'm all like :blobaww: :ameowbongo:

So I got a package delivered today, several days earlier than expected. The item was enclosed in cardboard surrounded by more cardboard wrapped in an enigmatic bubblewrap inside a mysterious padded envelope.

Upon the conclusion this matryoshka-doll experience which was fun I was greeted with a from @PINE64 which was lovely!

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