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I will be performing upgrades on my instance this evening so there will possibly (likely lol) be intermittent outages between 9PM and midnight MDT (UTC-6)

This includes OS updates as well as Mastodon, and a high possibility of a migration to Hometown. Such a migration should be minimally disruptive and would add additional features for locally scoped posts and list management

I learned yesterday that in Tesla's newest car, if you haven't paid for autopilot, the option to turn it on is still there in the touchscreen - and if you accidentally do turn it on, Tesla immediately - and without warning or notification - charges $14,100 (the cost of the autopilot feature) to the credit card you have on file with them.

It seems @SexyCyborg found something as rare as a hen's tooth...

an ultra portable PC with a proper ethernet port AND an actual RS232 port!

So I've been doing a lot of searching online on a particular Python library the last couple of days and I've been noticing a lot of search engine spam of marginal relevance that is ranked higher than it deserves to be (most especially on G**gle).

Anybody else starting to find this "" escalating from mildly curious to absolutely annoying? It seems to be some kind of algorithm-driven code-hoover--something like a precursor to Github Code Pilot.

listening to @nowplaying today is putting me in the right frame of mind for the weekend :blobrainbow:

Everyone else is posting selfies, and I've love to join in, but putting pants on is WAY too much efford

Omg you guys I nearly forgot

Today is Wotan's birthday! He is 5 years old! :wotan: :Wotan_shocked: πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰

Give him boosts!

Stop putting weirdly processed wheat in everything, vegans! About 1 in 130 people has celiac disease and you’re kind of killing us.

Bezos: yeah OK Branson will reach orbit before I do but has he got big balls? NOBODY has bigger balls than me!



None other than Jason Kenny, Premier of Alberta (leader of our provincial gov't) dropped by our little booth among others to say hi and offer words of campaign style encouragement!

I'm sure the wave of stomach discomfort that started to set in was the gluten lunch


Anyways it was a shame we were preoccupied with...things and we didn't get a selfie with JK

But at least I maintained composure until he moved on and I could discreetly hit the head post haste

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The bad: It seems the lunch I ordered poisoned me, likely with gluten (I be ridin' the Coeliac Train) though not 100% sure. So I spent the last 2+ hours of the market periodically paying tribute to porcelain with waves of stomach protests.

I did specifically order *gluten free* sauce instead of the regular fermented wheat "soya" sauce and that it isn't just preference it makes me sick but...not sure it was fully appreciated and I think I was given full on wheat sauce. ugh.


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So I went to a market today to help @squirrel sell their wares at our little booth for the first time since last year. We arefully chipped (both primary and backup dose) 3+ weeks now so finally felt safe enough.

The good: There was a event there and afternoon traffic was brisk but not dangerously crowded, and though "relaxed" even the 40% or so who wend facially alfresco were respectful and responsible. Nice to see people again and slowly getting used to the normalcy.


@nowplaying is playing the soundtrack to my university days...such a nostalgia trigger

I have to head into the office daily now and I think I'll miss having background music. Think I'll bring in my headphones as I leave for downtown shortly but it won't be quite the same

Today, let us remember those who fell defending our freedom. Harry Connick Jr, who got blown up by the aliens before he could smoke cigars with Will Smith, those people on that roof with the signs, and last but not least, Randy Quaid who flew a fighter jet up into the mother ship while yelling "up yours" πŸ—½ :blobcry:


Pants are overrated

doubly so in this weather, in this AC-less Canadian home

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