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apparently a good Scotch is made better with carbonation :ablobspin:

So I'm about ready to fix up something for lunch today and almost all cellular data service drops out in Alberta and BC and I get over 900 communications alarm alerts from our SCADA systems all at once how has your day been going?

these covers on @nowplaying are better than the originals and Richard Cheese covers are also better than the originals don't @ me

Adding onto the community moderation thread:

I just saw a guy in another thread do the whole Let The Lies Spread argument: instead of banning misinformation and propaganda from your site, allow it to stay up because your users will argue it and show it to be nonsense, and anyone watching will see it debunked and form a sensible conclusion.

If that's a thing you believe is true, still, in 2021, when people are eating sheep deworming paste, then you should NEVER run a social website.

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Anyone in Toronto interested in a 1984 Mac 512K? Free, as-is. Pickup only, East York. It's just light enough to carry on transit.

I kinda need to know whether to hang onto it or Got Junk it by tomorrow, and I'll only be around till the 1st to give it away.

Boosts OK.

If you're trying to cut through security red tape just use a Razer™️

bloatware longpost 

...anyways that rate of change in software innovation seemed to me to drastically slow about 20 years ago. There has been no innovation on the desktop. In mobile there was one great leap with the widely adopted touch-optimised UI at the release of the iPhone but after that? Nothing really.

Have computers (desktop or mobile) *really* become 50 times more useful, or even 5 times more useful?

I cannot think of a single function on an app that I regularly use now that I didn't have 20 years ago on a desktop or 10 years ago on a mobile.

I really think that, if given enough time and resources, a "clean sheet re0design" of our software ecosystems would give us truly useful computing experiences at 10% of the clock speed and like 5% of the RAM. It would certainly be more affordable and efficient.

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bloatware longpost 

So I'm poking around on my this morning looking at the "usage" app to see if Firefox is spinning its wheels *again* as it's wont to do and a thought randomly pops into may head...

I am using a *pocket computer*... an *entry level* pocket computer...that runs at 50 times the clock speed, has 400 times the storage and 500 times the RAM of the first computer I ran Windows 3.x on.

I remember installing Win3.0 on the 25 MHz 386DX and it being so constipated that I expanded the memory from 1MiB to 4MiB which made it fairly usable. Just weeks later MSFT released 3.1 (d'OH!) and when I finally upgraded I was astonished that it came on 2x the floppies and they were 1.44 instead of 720k.

This was when I truly became aware of software bloat and how it seemed to at least keep pace with Moore's Law if not exceed it.

But at the time, at least in PC land, at least it was a time of rapid transformation from the command line to a more accessible GUI and genuinely sophisticated applications...

Twitter has publicly launched their #Bluesky discord and theres ton of people joining it right now cause it was just boosted by Jack. I got them to set up a #fediverse channel and many folks are there discussing the fediverse in relation to the future of twitter. I think its important to make our voices heard there, whatever they may be. Right now there are way too many crypto people trying to push that direction. Come along for a ride!

data mining algorithm hellscape 

Here is a cautionary tale of throwing data mining and algorithms at a problem with good intentions but terrible consequences

Algorithms are damaging society...surely smart people can see that more algorithms aren't the solution to fixing all our problems.

Hey Apple..are you paying attention? You are not immune to such unintended consequences.

Since I tend to be chatty in my posts, and because makes it easy, I decided to increase the length limit of posts on my instance from 500 to 1024 characters.

I know this is "microblogging" but 1024 characters isn't TOO much it still fits in the RAM of a ZX81 after all amirite?

Also it should be a power of 2 because computers that's the rules.

The cab of his truck is fitted with a faraday cage such that his mobile is inoperable inside so he cannot be reached when on duty (dispatch can only see his GPS posiition and if the driver has pressed an emergency call button)

Driving a 25m B train hauling 60000 litres of fuel through the mountains and forests to fire fighting water bombers demands a distraction free environment

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So I got an SMS from a friend out of the blue last night, haven't heard from him for awhile so nice to know he's still around.

He drives truck and said he recently got a better paying gig hauling fuel

To British Columbia

To supply fuel to the water bombers

Where all the forest fires are

Volatile fuel

Well it isn't boring I guess 😬

well it looks like I'm upgraded/migrated to **Hometown** 1.0.5+3.4.0!

Proper rendering of articles vs notes (toots/posts)!

local or federated posts!

exclusive lists!

Thanks @darius for sharing your masto fork with the world!

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