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wow brutal way to treat someone who violates the dress code

Is this or am I listening to @djsundog streaming? Groovy music either way

Hey Faceboo^wMeta nobody asked for "Ready Player One" to me made into real life. You moved fast and broke the world and building a virtual replacement is not the solution to fix the mess you made.

Thankfully it isn't solid down and is responding when I reload once in awhile when it does block. However if you think the global supply chain is fragile you should see how bad the internet is now that we've let Google, AWS and Cloudflare run practically all of it.

Those 3 especially have pretty much ruined everything that made the internet dependable.

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it seems is down for vast swaths of the interwebs, and I'm sick and tired of sites that hard link to said site having to wait for the timeout before I finally get a slightly broken version of the site.

Today's lesson is: don't be complicit in Google's effort to turn the world wide web into a massive garbage fire. Remove all dependencies on google services from your website now!

at this point I've taken to calling Debian "Frank's RedHot OS" because I put that s#!t on everything now


So it seems after embarrassingly stumbling out of the block is back up talking pre-registrations but the mustache-and-glasses-wearing masto instance at has been taken out of public view after the blatant copyright violations were called out.

Taking into consideration The Don's track record of being cheap, lazy, opportunistic and unscrupulous I suspect theie plans are thus:

Plan A: offer @Gargron a few million dollars for a non-GPL license to (continue) using Mastodon code. If Eugen accepts this would be the least-effort option, and probably least cost because tmediatech would just not honour the deal by using avoidance techniques up to and including filing chapter 11 bankruptcy to Eugen gets ripped off.

Plan B: Eugen probably (hopefully) is not for sale at any price, so they quietly keep modifying their masto fork to remove all outward evidence of Masto before putting it back online. They will probably get called out again.

New Blogpost:

It's a roundup of the best peertube videos I've watched (or created) in the last few weeks.

Lots of love to @emilysoddities and @blitzcitydiy and the entire Vidcommons team.

Watch some, tell me what you think. Post some, tell me you've posted them. Find some you like elsewhere, also tell me about them.

Benjamin: This will be my first trip to the Planet of Terror so I'd like it to be a pleasant one.

Fedizens of the #Fediverse ..

I want to attract attention to the #weblite hashtag, as something important is happening!

@alexandra and @alcinnz have kicked of a great initiative to finally address the #BloatedWeb and bring it back to its essence.

Existing standards bodies like #WhatWG #W3C #IETF have lost their way. Long-lasting #BigTech influence has led to #web #specs that serve current #browser monopolists only.

A better alternative is now emerging on #Codeberg ..

So it's municipal time in on Monday and that means making some informed decisions over the weekend in preparation to vote.

As futile as it may seem to go through the bother of voting when nothing seems to change it is the least and first thing I think we should do, especially at municipal level as it has the most impact on our daily lives. Of course civic engagement only starts there and we need to be continually informed and involved.

Interesting observation: if the polls are accurate, the successor to our city's outgoing first Muslim mayor of our city will be either the first women of colour or the first openly gay person to be mayor of Calgary.

Seems our "redneck" city isn't beyond redemption...

I haven't got a clue what you did last summer leave me alone

Holy shit! It checks out!
My wife recently pointed out to me that the little girl Laurie Strode babysits in Halloween is one of the women in the cat meme and I don’t know how to feel about that

So what's the deal with this craze anyways? Like people suddenly discovering this "new" sport/game?

My family has played it for YEARS. Like...DECADES. As in we played it if we weren't playing lawn darts.

Its rediscovery seems so...random. Perhaps rollerskating on old school quads will be next? I think the boundaries of space and time are breaking down.

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