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My ISP used to be locally owned but since they got bought by a bigger company they've let the broadband business wither on the vine it seems. Reliability had continued to this point but they don't invest anything in customer support, service upgrades etc. Even their web presence has only been updated like once in 8 years and they don't even put a status update recording on when you phone their tech support line (and they don't offer 24/7 answering service either *sigh*)

If their service wasn't reliable enough and much cheaper than Shaw's equivalent I would've ditched them a long time ago. And I plan to as soon as Telus lights up the fibre on my block.

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So my internet went down last night, was down for 10 hours overnight. That is more unplanned downtime than my garage servers have ever had since I put them in the garage almost 6 years ago, and very uncharacteristic for my ISP.

Anyways to get fixed IPs for my servers my ISP gave me a Magical Microtik Boxℒ️ (henceforth MMB). It seems the MMB does not care what it is connected to, it will attach my fixed IPs to it...neat...

So overnight all my services including my VoIP, email and my masto instance, were serving up their stuff through my tethered to my cellular connection and sharing it through a USB-to-ethernet adapter :blobtonguewink:

kinda wish I had that "convergence dock" for my phone so I didn't have to tie up my pinebook but it worked lol

Wish there were a way to block an entire website from your search results forever. Like I want to never see a Pinterest result again ever. It's just clutter

Rome wasn't built in a day

Rome wasn't built

Rome wasn't

advice seeking, home/personal programming setup (thread now boostable :boost_requested:

Okay so I've got an interview on Monday and they want to go through live programming exercises on a screenshare rather than a more traditional ask me conceptual and personality questions and chat about the team and their projects.

I have been advised that I don't need to install anything new as long as I have a setup on my personal machine in which i can build and run my code.... but the problem is, i don't, really

code is my JOB so i do very little of it at home to avoid burnout. And on the rare occasion i want to build an open source project, I pull it and then usually just open the readme and run whatever script invokes the project's build script(s) via command line and this is inevitably slightly different for every project. And requires constructing specific build scripts which is my least favorite part of building code.

so I'm trying to decide:

I think the company is looking to fill a C++ role. so do i...

...plan to program in a text editor and just put a simple g++ command into my terminal history and hope they don't expect me to do anything complex requiring h files and adding dependencies in the right order? eclipse and say "for home projects i like to use an ide but this is what i have so let's do all the examples in java is that okay"?

visual studio licensing is weird and I'm not actually particularly familiar with VS Code, but i suppose it's an option to download one of those and figure it out ENOUGH in a single weekend just by fooling around with no actual project in mind?

...Or, here's the actual advice-requesting part of my toot: does anyone have any other suggestions for IDEs that play nicely with both c++ and macOS? (yes yes i know, but i initially got it in a choice of 'not windows' and don't fix what's not broken and my mac laptop has been fine and functional for the minimal personal use i put it through - mostly tax filing and craft organizing - so i haven't put the money into replacing it.)

nothing says "I love you" like the gift of a furry personal assistant

"They're weirdos[...]but they're nice weirdos"

Muppets and fediverse...kindred spirits

so Gonzo dates birds but Gonzo is not a bird WHAT THE HELL IS GONZO exactly besides someone with a poultry kink?

"Jingle Bell Rock" is only slightly less annoying than "Last Christmas" but I'll cut some slack because IT'S MUPPETS and muppets make everything better

How much would you pay for a cross-platform FOSS book writing app? One-time payment, no drm.


our next #christmastodon movie will be Muppet Family Christmas on Saturday Dec 18 @10pm (3am UTC)

I never thought better uptime than AWS was achievable from my garage but here we are

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