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This was new enough they could have done Godzilla in CG but they still used the dude in a rubber suit anyways so they could use the money for MOAR EXPLOSIONZ!!! instead

which is totally awesome

*sigh* I can't wait for the fibre to be lit up in my neighbourhood so I can upgrade to a connection fast enough to let me watch without buffering while @squirrel is watching other stuff

Hey, can I just take a moment to invite new people to check out @powderpaint, a really excellent queer synthpop band from the Fediverse?

Give them a listen or download the tracks at

"Constellation" is probably the best starting point ✨

Today I registered the community on You can also join on at

I'm building a small community there based on such as , , and more!

It's very and adjacent, so those interested in learning more are welcome too!

Was going to tweet this but will toot it instead to see how this all works #capybara4life #nztwits

Momo at her weekly trip to doggie daycare for play and socializing😁

Welcome to the fediverse @emchap and thanks for the follow!

Seems you jumped in by actually making an instance instead of just picking one to join, as did I! Gotta say that going that route is a uniquely cool if initially lonely experience...hope you find it interesting and rewarding!

also great score getting that wicked domain :blobsunglasses:

You ever notice that there are people you follow who boost the Quality Posts from other people you don't follow so well that you don't have to follow those other people to have a Quality Timeline?

Or maybe their quality boosts helps you find new Quality People to follow?

That's pretty cool. Way better than Algorithms.

Hats off to those top notch !

Since there has been a huge burst of new activity out there, and everyone has been doing I guess I should (re)do a hashtag-laden of my own.

I am a mid-century modern weirdo from aka that runs Hometown/Mastodon site out of the garage in his back yard (the servers are literally bolted to the ceiling in there...told you I was weird)

Like a lot of people here I am a computer nerd who codes a lot of and tinker with and and uses mostly. Professionally I do stuff.

That said I often (sometimes mostly) post random and sometimes weird stuff. Occasionally political but put it behind content warnings. I am generally and I dunno maybe if I had to label it.

Also like weird like and , and cute fuzzy animals (not like THAT jeez) and and I'm occasionally a necromancer of old

hmm the background radiation of the fediverse is quite high right now. Monday activity was up over 120% vs. a typical Monday here and as the UTC clock ticked over to Tuesday the rate of activity is still increasing.

Also been the most...errr.."meta" days I've experienced in years


I bet it'll really pour cold water on the Truth when Elon lets Donald back in the house

Me today: trying not to toot too loud so as not to bring attention of new users to my instance I don't need the fans in my garage servers running any louder than they already are

Epic monster battle if this one had smol ladies in a box they would be singing right now

I bet the S(e)XIII plane would have better luck with Lithium Ion missiles they have more chooch than Cadmium missiles

i want to see Alien vs. Jumbo Shrimp that would be quite a match up

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