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Hello Fediverse!

We are KiCad, a cross platform and open source electronics design automation suite. We can help you make printed circuit boards.


Gazelle has done another epic Filmation treatment ...this time it's Voyager!

honestly if they ever did DS9 I'd just flip out :ablobspin:

My #ActuallyAutistic internet friends and cohorts, I need some help. (BOOSTS encouraged)

I want to start regular exercise again.

Between the ASD and ADHD, I often have hard limits on both
* what I can achieve in a day
* how many uninteresting tasks I can accomplish

if(you exercise regularly && you have similar limits) I would VERY much like to know when in your day you exercise. Is it better early, when your tank is still full? Later, to wash away stresses? Comments & context welcome!

So a vlogger I follow released a meta-video today and I found it an amusing contrast to Linus Tech Tips

Petabyte "video ingest" servers? 8K super-ultra-high-def cameras costing six figures? Hugh end editing workstations on a 10 gigabit network? Professional top tier editing software?

Bah, forget about all that nonsense! You'll do just fine with a broken iPhone, dollar-store go-pro knockoff and microphone, and a PC built from spare parts by your brother Billy-Bobl

I do love Chaucer’s tweets on bird site.

@LeVostreGC: Spydere Man, Spydere Man
Doth al things a spydere kan
Sondry webbes he kan weaven
Thieves lyke flyes he kan cacchen
Lo! anon cometh Spydere Man

this is like when Chevy Chase took the fam to Wally World but it was closed but they were going in anyway we came all this way dammit!

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Godzilla upgraded its roar with THX not sure what to think of that

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yeah the poplar tree fluff is still unrelenting in the spring even in the distant future

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bunch of men on a quest for a mysterious tiny organ okayyyy

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they went too far back in time...if they went to like 2016 they could have leveraged social media to brainwash us with their religion much more effectively

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I feel like nucleoplasm or whatever would be like a powerup for a monster borne of nuclear radiation rather than a good weapon

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