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Such a badass Kaiju that they hit the budget wall and had to just use stock elephant sound effects SMDH

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Once again the English dub features children voiced by old ladies who hate kids

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It is tonight in ~20 minutes featuring the Mother(a) of All Bugs :ameowbongo:

Follow along...or mute the hashtag if you're square and it's not your thing I dunno (you've been warned!)

Birdsite crosspost, no content guarantees 


Godzilla just has a bad case of acid reflux and needs to rest a bit. I'm sure when he gets up again and snacks on a little nuke or two he'll be right as rain again

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Pretty weak plan...bird tweets really? Everyone knows that you need to find the island where the smol ladies live and get a couple of them to sing their Kaiju Lullaby

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USA: Nuke it!

USSR: Nuke it!

Japan: aww HELL NO

Godzilla: Nuke me! I IS HUNGRY!

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Fun fact: Godzilla hunted for and found Red October first

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yes government people lets keep impending disaster a secret for now to keep everyone calm that always works :blobcheeky:

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