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Now that I've been here a couple weeks, it might be time for an #Introduction post!

I’m Jay, and I’m from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I'm a #dad and a husband, professional #accountant, amateur chef, and obsessed #coffee weirdo.

Other areas of interest:
#ScienceFiction & #Fantasy
Everything #GuyGavrielKay
#Basketball #NBA
#Hockey #NHL #LetsGoOilers
#Soccer #PremierLeague #LaLiga #FCBarcelona
#backpacking & #hiking
#UrbanPlanning + #Transit
And local stuff: #YEG #ABPoli #ABLeg

I'm moving away from, looking for a new server.

What are the best ones?

I'm into #product / #prodmgmt / #productmanagement, #saas, #art, #space, and #science

Please boost for reach, would love to cast a wide net to learn! I bet others would find the thread useful too ✨

I've learned a lot of Hideous Nonsense during the two decades I've run online communities, and I started posting that nonsense over on this thread on my old account:

This thread continues right here, as soon as either I think of something else to add, or some new server admin does something foolish that I can point and cackle at.

Texas Observer did it right.

Set up their own instance for staff: not just accounts on other instances.

Welcome to the Fedi:

@jeffjarvis Is this the first official press org to do what you advised?

So the number of transactions my elephant server is processing has now soared past 600% of what it was doing before the guano hit the fan and the rate continues to accelerate

...on my smol quiet server that rarely draws attention to itself...

which is just....I dunno. There's no "back to normal" is there? WTF is the "new normal" gonna look like?

I remember seeing the first posts from @chad from his *brand new instance* a scant 7 months ago and now it is an order of magnitude bigger than (the original "premiere Canadian Mastodon instance") ever was in its 3-4 year existence!

I feel I have dodged a bullet by not getting "discovered"...I hope y'all dealing with the deluge of traffic AND new signups are managing OK. With latest news we probably have another wave least!

please make sure the new people know that Wotan is the President of Mastodon

this is important

Who's your favorite brandsona and why?

Mine is probably @MNNHNewsEnglish because of the way most of their posts are written, and the incredible level of genre-saavy that comes with acknowledging our shared space.

So I guess Volkswagen made a corporate account in the fedi....

on :blobrollingeyes: 🤣 :blobfacepalm: :blobcheeky:

Total amateur hour, what did you do when you adopted email, set up one cororate-wide address VWGroup at Because basically that is what you just did with Mastodon! Laughable!

Better tune in your communications department...and do better!

Hey there, I'm pulling together a public list of Alberta Mastodonians (?) so we can all find each other. Let me know if you'd like to be on the list.

I want to start Canadian member-owned cooperative to run Mastodon servers in Canada.

Similar to but Canadian.

Notes here:

Copied in thread below:

@bmann @trishussey @blaine @timbray @hypatia @walkah @awsamuel

Somewhere, some day you'll get the credit you deserve for all this.

Thank you! You did it first!

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. @Horse_ebooks on fire off the timeline of @DevonCow. I watched @Stevemartintogo glitter in the dark near the Covfefe tweet. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

<follow request from someone with "cat" as a display name and a dog as an avatar pic>

...I'll allow it


I am obsessed with it! Me and @tanyaofmars have fun plans for space clothes for our Etsy store Enter Stellar soooon!! 🤩
We don't have the clothes ready yet but you can still browse the artwork on the store for holiday cards🌌✨🤩

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Whoa, @somafm is on Mastodon now!

Go follow them- best internet radio in the world!

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