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Mark Shane Hayden

It's not often that tweets make me happy lately but these ones from my back yard did.

1947 video put out by the US Gov about fascist propaganda, and avoiding being duped: "Don't Be A Sucker"

#duckduckgo can find resistors for electronics projects

Type in colors, (“Red Yellow White Gold Resistor” or “Resistor Red Yellow White”), and get values. Or type in values, and get colors.

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On the one hand, the discourse keeps getting angrier. More threats. More saber-rattling. A shade of apocalypse.

On the other hand, people from around the world gather in a place, and people from other places in the world talk to them through wonderful technology. We talk about how we hear the words others say, and how what we hear depends on context and experience.

We can learn from one another by listening and empathizing. #thinkingsmall is so, so necessary.

Some "fix my computer" people try to pull this crap too lol...

Came across a local (to me) vlogger on YouTube with lots of interesting things to say. Here is a good critique of YouTube and its current and erstwhile challengers (the gist of which is that it's pointless to create another YouTube in answer to YouTube)

Dude. Federated socal networks are blowing up. I REALLY hope this trend continues.

It's live! I'm doing the gamedev thing!

Thanks for all of the testing and proof-reading and advice folks. You've been so great helping me get this ready that I'm almost embarrassed to ask you to help get the word out.

Almost... but not quite! 😅

Please boost this here and blast it out everywhere else!


After much futzing with things I am now one of the cool kids on I provisioned more RAM to the VM. Looks great so far and now swiping isn't driving me batty on my mobile any more! Yay!

I think imma gonna do some upgrading around here so my instance will be up n down. Maybe join the cool kids on v1.5 😎

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Remember when the Internet was weird? I miss that. I mean, I don't miss getting trolled with goatse, but the weird, non-corporate web seems harder to find these days. Mastodon helps bring back the weird, if only a little bit.