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So! I say again, if you want to have the videos you make seen by a bunch of weirdos on the internet and a few thousand people in a couple of small towns in the north GA mountains, get in touch.

New Ellijay TV launches soon!

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So I guess HP sauce will have to get a new Royal Warrant now eh?

But what if Chuckie prefers a different brown sauce with his bangers and mash than dear mummy did what then? How tragic would that be to lose the Royal Warrant?

What if he prefers Heinz 57? Would it cause a scandal? Like, Heinz 57 is the Wallis Simpson of brown sauce!

These are the kind of important issues that consume my brain now and I cannot cope

Canada Politics #CPC snark 

Congrats to Pierre Poilivievre on becoming the next sacrificial I mean leader...of the Conservative party.

I look forward to congratulating your successor after you lose the next election and resign and launch another leadership race :blobcheeky:

Powderpaint is an excellent synth pop band on the Fediverse, and they just released a new single yesterday!

You can follow them at:

➡️ @powderpaint

Their music is on Bandcamp at

I'd especially recommend the album "Powderpaint" and their new single "The Way You Want". It's all DRM-free and name your price.

Their music is very 1990s, and so is their website:

#Powderpaint #Music #Musicians #Band #Bands #Pop #PopMusic #SynthPop

Royal Canadian Shitpost 

Watching our Indigenous Governor General sign the Royal Proclamation officially announcing Charles III as the new King of Canada is kinda mind bending NGL

so how does this work does Charles serve as Caretaker King until we elect a new Monarch or what

Well heck now the back of our cash money's gonna look a whole lot less attractive innit? 😬

R.I.P. it was quite a run.

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So it seems there is a significant chance we will have to update the back of our cash money soon 😬

So I was looking at the stats on my masto server tonight and the federation activity between here and has been slowly declining for a couple of months now but activity has also been slowly increasing with other instances over that time too.

If the trend continues will overtake as the most actively federated instance from here!

Is slowly dying? Would that be a bad thing anyways? They are like the AOL of the fediverse after all :blobcheeky:

wow I didn't think my opinion of as s shitty company that is ruining the internet through centralisation and enabling misinformation and abuse could get any lower but then they wrote this trash in their reasoning behind blocking kiwifarms and here we are

so basically they will only turn on the fire hose when the house is fully engulfed and beyond salvaging...some pretty twisted and flawed logic in the name of "ending DDoS attacks"

Do your CDs sound fuzzy? They're too hairy so shave them! 🤣

so i lost a bit of weight and gained a bit of face fuzz lately so some people notice but being asked by a random person if I am Erik ten Hag was kinda unexpected?

Maaaaaybe? if the lighting is dim enough and you squint? I dunno

Sorry Rodan Godzilla's boxing moves are far superior than...whatever it is you're trying to pull off

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TFW that obnoxious kid in the Honda Civic with the chopped springs and ridiculous spoiler and gaudy wrap job drives down your street with his thumpy buzzy stereo turned up to max volume

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