I have given up being annoyed that in recent years no one seems to understand the difference between less and fewer.

I now suffer less incidents of being bothered. 🤓

I'm back from climbing down a rabbit hole on birdsite, learning how Trumpists view the world.

I need a beer. 🤯 :blobastonished:

What are the guidelines about how families should make their decisions about risk, if they're in effectively in multiple class cohorts and an up to 15 member family cohort, including maybe several families with several children in several class cohorts (plus sports cohorts)?

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Fediverse Admins: If cost was no factor, or better, would you consider going with an S3 provider in Pakistan?

Please explain your rationale.


🇨🇦 :PublicDomain: 📚 

Reminder that Project Gutenberg Canada exists and it has a bunch of ebooks that are in the Public Domain in Canada* that you can download for free


* Books enter the Public Domain in Canada 20 years earlier than in the States

Portland action, Python needed 

Over on :birdsite:​ @defendpdx needs help with Python.

They're doing real work. I know a whole bunch of you folks have the chops to aid them.


Alright, the gimp video is complete, uploaded, and published for anyone learning gimp. This is the 7th video in a series of 10 video's I've been working on covering the latest version of #Gimp.


Let me run something through you guys. Concerning #computer #hardware maintenance, one should at minimum:

* dust their computers once a year
* replace the thermal paste every 10 years

What about:
* memory checking
* smart data
* CMOS batt. inspection
* capacitor inspection

No one on Reddit or any decent site seems to bother mentioning these things and yet in my opinion they seem like they'd play an important part in a routine maintenance schedule.

What else is missing?

Boosts appreciated.

Yesterday I treated myself to some comfort food: purchased stirfry from a chain in a mall. The staff wore masks. Some vendors wore No Masks.

This flabbergasted me. If you don't care enough or know enough to wear a mask while handling my food then...

Got tested for COVID-19. Asymptomatic. Very well organized (much more going on than visible in photo).

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