We've returned from hiking in the Rockies for several days and saw many beautiful things. This dead tree was between Skoki and Fossil Mountains in Alberta.

Me: I would never buy Meta's AR goggles.
Meta: Magic Leap 2 coming this fall, $3,300 US.
Me: I super duper with fudge-on-top will never buy your AR goggles. :blobcheeky:

I rediscovered an oldy goldy:
Q: How do you get a group of Canadians to leave the pool?
A: Everyone get out of the pool, please.

"EU Starts Requiring Anti-Speeding Tech for New Cars;
When you go over the speed limit, your car will have to let you know." cnet.com/roadshow/news/eu-star

Not saying it's a bad idea. Just, sigh..... :blobcry:

FWIW, for the same software developer position, Glassdoor estimates a salary of $74 to 84k in Edmonton and $87 to 95k in Calgary.

"Google Engineer Suspended After Saying Company AI Is Sentient. The company says he violated the confidentiality policy."

Did the AI have a reasonable expectation that its conversations would be kept private? :blobthinkingcool:

Observation about #wwdc: we are well on our way to the dystopian cyber future. But at least things will be easy to use and sexy.

My 2 starter words for Wordle were responsible for an easy win today. Very unsatisfying.

Wordle 351 3/6


If you wrote a simple app for Google's or Apple's app store, maybe the app does one thing, simply and really well. If the app hasn't been updated in two years or more, it might get booted off the platform.

Better put some shiny chrome on the UI and repost it to the store(s).

Funny story in the news: a Windsor guy used to contribute some bux to a group buying lottery tickets. He stopped contributing and the group won a ton of $$. Now he's suing for a portion, I guess on the grounds he intended to contribute. :blobaww:

Twitter will slip beneath the waves!
Mastodonians, prepare for Great Things! 😀

Looks like Musk (or another person or persons) could get help: "Private equity firm Apollo Global Management would consider providing financing for a Twitter buyout in the form of preferred equity." cnbc.com/2022/04/18/apollo-glo

Ya think Twitter is bad now, wait till some rabid billionaire, free speech absolutist gets their claws into it.

I hear Mastodon 3.5 allows for editing posts (restrictions apply till most servers catch up to 3.5).

I'm not at all sure how I feel about this. Rational me says "Hooray!", but, lizard brain me says "Gak!?!".

The ice & snow in YEG has been melting at a furious rate recently, so was surprised to hear that fishing shacks & trucks were parked on Wabamun Lake yesterday. Three feet of ice reported earlier in 2022.

It just occurred to me, it's always "little pissant" and never just "pissant" without the preceding "little".

If I've learned one thing from Wordle, it is that there are a LOT of 6-letter words 😖

Kevin Werbach, a professor of legal studies and business ethics at the Wharton School says that most bitcoin activity, "according to basically every rigorous study that's been done, is predominantly people speculating." 😮 😶 :blobfacepalm: news.slashdot.org/story/22/03/

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