random information: in 2005, the country of georgia fired almost all of its police force. at once. the whole institution was just deemed unsalvageable (corruption, abuse of power, you know). they then rebuilt the whole thing. the country got by just fine without police for some months. there are several studies on the results, apparently it worked out pretty well: centreforpublicimpact.org/case fsi.stanford.edu/publication/p

on the same page, uBlock Origin blocked FIFTY requests 😮

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groups.io seems to be a simple, effective group messaging service. I'm just 20 minutes in, so there's that...

The good news in #Mastodon dev these days is that Gargron, the main developer, is "making progress on adding end-to-end encryption for direct messages in Mastodon".

It's probably going to take a while before it gets there. But it's a good step in the right direction.

patreon.com/posts/mastodon-3-1 #E2EE #encryption

I'm impressed with No Kneed Bread. This is our third load. Less that an hour of work (wall time is longer).

Alright, the first 3 #gimp intro videos are up. If you are looking to learn some of the basics of Gimp or just interested in digital #art, this series is for you. I'll post more interesting videos here of other stuff once I get the basics done.

So here is ~30 minutes worth of new #fedi exclusive content on my #peertube instance!

Be sure to have your peertube admin follow my instance to help distribute the content! Thanks and please boost!


This evening our PVR is set to record Masterpiece Theatre (World on Fire) and Rick & Morty.

I feel this will be a good challenge for our ISP's analytics tools. :blobcatpats:

Does anyone else wonder about the work that "resolved" is doing in this CBC News headline: "More than half of all known cases of COVID-19 in Canada are either recovered or resolved" ?

I can think of a charitable interpretation, but <shiver/> :blobfacepalm:

These days I am grateful I can make an excellent cup of coffee. I've used this Aeropress for well over 10 years & it still works well. In this photo it's clean but its inside wall has become etched & stained over the years.

"WRONG IS WRONG, even if everyone is doing it.
RIGHT IS RIGHT, even if no one is doing it."

- Attributed to Saint Augustine (and also to William Penn)
- Thanks to @slh

Right wing magazine forced by COVID-19 to find its human side. From The Atlantic:
"Georgia’s Experiment in Human Sacrifice / The state is about to find out how many people need to lose their lives to shore up the economy."

File this under "Stories we need to hear." I especially liked the comment, "I check out the cat and, yes [...] it has a bad attitude so it's definitely my cat." 😺

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