Birdsite, Algorithm hell 

Well... I think they finally made it unusable. It is bad enough that they already messed with Tweet ordering on "Home" and promoted posts being every second Tweet, but this tells me my timeline is useless now.

TIL CONCACAF's place in the world of football.
We have 4 years to level up! 💪

@TollerPride BTW, I've been "following back" on masto, so my "follows" list is meaningless.

Yours, on the other hand: useful, thx!

@TollerPride I just followed @justinling, a Canadian journalist you might like.
This is the first time I've written a masto DM.

Our "Dwayne Johnson" of Tollers, TollerPride's Seabiscuit by 4, call name Biscuit or Uncle B to our new pup Bean.

I've been kind of drafting together my own guide to #mastodon / the #fediverse for brand new people.

Folks that are new, what do you feel confused about?

Folks that have been here a while, what advice would you give new people?

Thanks to @mpjgregoire I now know the Auschwitz Museum is on Mastodon. I'm sure some people will find their posts disturbing but I count on them to keep me grounded.

Our newest addition is TollerPride's Livin' on Love, call name Bean with her aunt Rags, TollerPride's Rags to Riches and Peanut on the right, TollerPride's Peanut Redux.

In my opinion, criticisms of mastodon being unusable by the general public are over blown.

I've long wondered why reddit was tolerable to its fans. Prepared to give it another go!

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TFG I've discovered how to make the reddit home page display content only from feeds I'm subscribed to.

Can't begin to tell you how much fun I'm having exploring and finding interesting people to follow instead of an algorithm pushing the same crap in my feed. I feel like I've just been reconnected to the world.

Masto Meta; The Migration; Downtime 

Hi all new people!

Inside of a week us admins have had to deal with a doubling of active users, so logically we have attempted to allocate double the computing resources.

However what has been harder to predict is how active each of these new people will be...and boy howdy are you all active! By my estimation, though we "only" have double the users our servers are processing somewhere around 500 PERCENT more activities than before The Migration! may have to be a little patient with slowness and unplanned outages so stick with your instance if you like it otherwise for at least a little while until things settle down and become predictable again!

Remember Early Twitter when the Fail Whale was a common occurrence? Yeah it's like that, but the federated structure of this platform seems to be helping us do at least a little bit better job coping!

For some days now, anti-Semitic has been in the top 3 or 4 things looked up on Merriam-Websters site.

Also, TIL that an omnist is someone who believes in all religions.

From the Signal app people: We have now reached the point where SMS support no longer makes sense.

What planet do they live on??

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