This evening's rabbit hole led me to this "True Random Number Generator". For 50 US$ you can buy this tiny device that plugs into a USB port and cranks out non-pseudo random numbers.

A centurion walks into a bar and holds up 2 fingers. "I'll have 5 beers, please".

I'll show myself out...

@msh Thanks for running this instance, Mark. I imagine it's more work than most of us would put up with!

Interested in local action (especially in the face of bureaucratic corruption)? This BBC video, just over 7 minutes, shows citizens tired of water, sewage, power not working. They began to repair & run the infrastructure _themselves_.

Thank God... How to stop netflix from autoplaying (both while browsing and when watching a series).

Hi, it's me! I'm a software & operations guy living in Alberta. I volunteer a fair bit for community building organizations.

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