Thank God... How to stop netflix from autoplaying (both while browsing and when watching a series).

@puzzled I wish there was a way to adjust the time between episodes, because it seems to vary by which version of the Netflix app you're using.

On my Chromecast, it's 30 seconds between an episode. On my TV's built-in app, it's about 3 seconds which is way too fast and doesn't even give you breathing room to consider the episode you just watched (a necessity with some heavier subject matter shows).

@msh @puzzled Yup. I'll be picking up a Chromecast Ultra soon, hopefully this weekend, and then I won't need to deal with the built-in interface (though, it is nice to be able to launch and navigate Netflix from the TV remote instead of always having to use my phone).

@msh @ink_slinger The poor UI choices made in this vertical are head-shakers.

(I no longer connect my "smart" TV to the net, since discovering how much data some sets send back to their mothership 😮 )

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