@puzzled given how parks and campgrounds normally get very busy I imagine available camp sites and parking spots will be about as attainable as paper towel, baking flour and liquid hand soap, but it seems to be a good sign.

@msh @puzzled ...plus they're 50% capacity (which, really, makes little sense to me for campgrounds .. you're already like 30m+ apart even if it's 100%)


@meejah @msh Yes, the 50% thing is interesting. Carol and I most concerned about shared washrooms, water source and cleaning areas. Also, we love a cook shelter when it pours! They get crowded quickly during a downpour at dinner time.

@puzzled @msh Yeah, facilities capacity could be an issue .. recent experience is a LOT of RVs big enough to have their own (or two) bathrooms so maybe I'm just being .. too judge-y. In the Kan especially they have semi-permanent "boil water" advisories so we often bring enough from home (for drinking, anyway). Or stop at that one place on highway 40.

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