@puzzled much better than the "snow in summer" images from here a couple weeks ago

@puzzled Lovely! I have to ask, are those the super fragrant plants I've been smelling on my walks, or is it something else?

@Lofenyy Hey Ryan. I just went outside to have a sniff. Not much scent in my SiS. My peonies though smell wonderful right now...

@puzzled Awesome! Thanks for having a sniff for me, though I'm sure the reward was in the task.

I was wondering, because before we got all this rain and the mosquitos started invading, when I'd go out for walks, I'd smell this one really fragrant plant, but I'd have no idea where the smell was coming from. I can't help but wonder what it must be.

@Lofenyy Maybe lilacs. Next spring, keep your eye open for violet/lavender coloured clusters on bushes.

@puzzled @Lofenyy The Lilac bush in my yard is smells pretty nice in June. In Calgary there are also a fair amount if Caraganas (bushes with yellow flowers) and Maydays (trees with white flowers) which probably have pretty fragrant flowers in June.

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