PSA for Firefox users 

Firefox's PDF Viewer now enables Javascript by default.

To turn off JavaScript execution in PDFs:
1️⃣ Enter about:config in the address bar.
2️⃣ Click "I'll be careful."
3️⃣ In the search box near the top, enter pdfjs.enableScripting.
4️⃣ Change the setting to False.

PSA for Firefox users 

@puzzled step 2 "I'll be careful"

yeah Firefox...I'll be careful because you certainly aren't you silly red panda

PSA for Firefox users 

@msh @puzzled I found apt purge firefox more affective... 🤭🤭

PSA for Firefox users 

@stephen @msh Effective muchly!

PSA for Firefox users 

@msh Yes! What. were. they. thinking??

[pick me pick me i know i know 😁 ]

PSA for Firefox users 


What? Why? What? Why? But whyyyyyyy?

What a dumb move!

I didn't know that, thanks for the PSA.

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