This delightful little plant, all of 3 inches tall and in the middle of my back yard is a nascent raspberry bush. It has MANY siblings. It's parent is more than 8 feet away.

Anyway, TIL how to plant a raspberry bush so it does not spread and I need a time machine.

Financial support is available for Canadians affected by COVID-19.

First time my Christmas Cactus has bloomed in the spring :ablobspin:

Arrived at the Moraine Lake parking lot at 5:30 Monday morning in order to hike up to Larch Valley. FTW


swamp doing just fine, thank you 😑

Got tested for COVID-19. Asymptomatic. Very well organized (much more going on than visible in photo).

I was quietly sitting on the opposite side of the table when I noticed this guy picking at a piece of bread. Managed to get a photo before he noticed me and took off like a shot!

Yesterday the sun shone briefly through the plastic Canadian flags we had strung across the living room window.

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