Yesterday the sun shone briefly through the plastic Canadian flags we had strung across the living room window.

Have been away for a while, backpacking with friends. Our campsite is near the far end of this valley, our car twice that far away, hidden by the shoulder on the right. My pack weight for 2-night stay was just 30 pounds. 😀

I'm impressed with No Kneed Bread. This is our third load. Less that an hour of work (wall time is longer).

These days I am grateful I can make an excellent cup of coffee. I've used this Aeropress for well over 10 years & it still works well. In this photo it's clean but its inside wall has become etched & stained over the years.

"WRONG IS WRONG, even if everyone is doing it.
RIGHT IS RIGHT, even if no one is doing it."

- Attributed to Saint Augustine (and also to William Penn)
- Thanks to @slh

Is the following in bad taste, given the times?

No word yet on the health of the five medical techs who administered the tests.

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