@msh Not yet, at least not on the duck. I'll keep an eye out.

@msh That's funny! Yes, my "mother bush" tunneled 4 metres under my shed's cement pad, then up through some pavers.
"Yeah, I do like me some raspberries, but jeez, slow down, eh"

This delightful little plant, all of 3 inches tall and in the middle of my back yard is a nascent raspberry bush. It has MANY siblings. It's parent is more than 8 feet away.

Anyway, TIL how to plant a raspberry bush so it does not spread and I need a time machine.

@msh I've not read much about TikTok. Sounds like they may be the stinkiest of a very smelly industry.

@urusan I see 3 votes, 1 for each of the first 3 options. You can thank us later. 😜

@msh Admirable restraint. We need to keep public discourse civil. (if we want to trash someone, that's what bots are for)

It's Sunday now and it barely reached 20 and its overcast and now I have new complaints.

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@msh Hopefully the hail missed you (looks like you got a decade's worth of hail last year). Hardly got a drop rain that night, here in YEG.

Our water bill for this month is going to sting. Trying to keep alive vegetables and the new perennials we planted to replace winter kill.

@fikran sorta makes UI design work seem not that bad, eh? πŸ˜‰

Second 37℃ day in a row. Kitchen's temperature was 30, so I harvested some Swiss chard and cooked it over our propane stove in the backyard.

Sunday's forecast is for 23℃. That would be !

@msh funny! if a toot is slow to post i will say a prayer for your server fans πŸ˜…

thx for all you do, mark!

@Lofenyy @dansup We've moved to the basement (here in YEG), but if the daily highs don't ease soon, even here it will be 30 soon (upstairs it is already 30). :blobastonished:

@Clifford Sweet AND sassy. I would *have* to buy a can of that!

It is now 30℃ in our wee house. Environment Canada says that by 23:00 the temperature outside will have fallen to 29, at which point we will open the windows.

My brain is barely turning over, running on half a cylinder.

I listened to a short story a few months ago set not that many years in the future when heat waves that killed millions of people at a time were common (Escape Pod?).

I have seen the future...

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