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@msh LOL. "Silly ${pieceOfTech}" is my goto phrase when managing infrastructure.

If I was a #Fediverse developer, I would aim to have government adaptation of the technology.

After all, isn't it a little crazy that GOVERNMENT members are using a private platform, Twitter, that they probably have no MOU with, to communicate to the public?

@Lofenyy You know, for a back country campsite the mosquitoes were not bad. Put a bit of deet on only 2 or 3 times.

Too bad about YYC mosquitoes. OTOH, the surrounding countryside was lush & green as we drove by!

@Clifford This shot is from Burstall Pass, around 50 km north of previous photo, last fall. Kananaskis, Alberta, offers lots of great trails for the moderately fit!

@Clifford Good guess. Photo taken near Three Isle Lake, in a provincial park. I suppose 100, 150 km south of Banff. Far fewer people. Wonderful country.

The four of us were descending from a campsite under several feet of snow. Our site had no snow. Heavy rain hit an hour after we returned to our car!

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Have been away for a while, backpacking with friends. Our campsite is near the far end of this valley, our car twice that far away, hidden by the shoulder on the right. My pack weight for 2-night stay was just 30 pounds. 😀

@squirrel Cannot imagine being out of work because COVID or O&G and then having car & vinyl siding repairs...

(like some comic said, 2020 began with koala bears burning alive and went downhill from there)

@Lofenyy @msh Glad you got home okay, Ryan. Did you have to work much past end-of-shift?

I was amazed at the shredded vinyl siding. Did not realize hail could do that. 😮

@msh all backup tools are out to lull me into a false sense of security

I am using git to manage a local repo while Time Machine is backing up my SSD and I wonder if the two are suspicious of each other.

@farhan I have no idea but I Respect the question! 👍

@Clifford LOL.

Re time: I have a strong phobia over public speaking which is very odd when juxtaposed to my tendency to "run long" when I speak. 🤔

@Clifford To be clear: I didn't really notice filler words in your vlog post. My comments about "so", etc, were about podcasters I listen to.

If *I* tried to stop ALL use of filler words, I think I'd swallow my tongue!

@Clifford I liked it, Clifford. Funny, I didn't really notice the "umms"! (currently I'm noticing "so" at the beginning of sentences; also: "yes, no" and "no, yes" at the beginning of responses :blobfacepalm:)

Sub-10-minutes is a better length for me, but just one man's opinion.

The way your kind nature comes through is a big plus.

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