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A nearby neighbour comes from Nova Scotia. Yesterday a NS tartan scarf appeared, tied around a tree in front of their house. Love these neighbours!

Damn good thing I can make a good cup of coffee or I might be out on the streets demanding my right to intimate retail contact. ☕

A friend just replied in an email, "We are socially distancing with friends now and will call in an hour."

I have inherited a huge mess of an application, coded by a ginormous international tech company.

I musta been a real shithead in a previous life. I am truly sorry. 💔

Speaking of gardens, if your over/under on gardening is on the positive side, here's a tip:

if( garden is on south side of stone or stucco wall AND you live in Canada ) {
// 🌻 🌞 🌻 :ablobspin:
it is past time you watered plants

Is the following in bad taste, given the times?

No word yet on the health of the five medical techs who administered the tests.

For the first time this year, I hear that loopy jingle that the frozen treats cart plays as it peddles around the neighbourhood. Thinking some of us might be wound a little tight for that to be a safe tune to play. 🤔

I've been away for a while. As best I can tell @msh smoked a giant doobie Saturday. Or I was away long enough to miss a new meme. Yeah, probably the latter. 🤓

FWIW, I found it very straightforward to set up my own Jitsi Meet instance. Supports at least 5 simultaneous streams on a $10/month DigitalOcean instance (2 cores, 2GB ramz).
#jitsi #videochat

WTF Medical Research 

WTF Medical Research 

@msh i see what you did there, thx for the foreign follow!

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