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Today I registered the community on You can also join on at

I'm building a small community there based on such as , , and more!

It's very and adjacent, so those interested in learning more are welcome too!

bound today! Excited to go to ! I'm hoping that there'll be lots of cool papers and research there

Libera is a year old. Thanks for supporting us, because it's been a pleasure supporting you.

Since we've been talking in this space about the Twitter/Musk deal today, I wanted to flag an interesting development on that front for you.

First, credit where it's due: I wouldn't have heard about this if it wasn't for the very good Opening Arguments podcast. If you're a layperson with any interest in the law at all, you should be listening to Opening Arguments.

So... (πŸ§΅β€‹)

i read a thing recently that blew my mind a little.
went something like:

people can imagine time travel to the past and one little act making massive differences in the timeline

but in their present they think even the greatest effort they can put in will not make any difference to the future

we already invented an invisibinty cloak

it looks like this

Last day of ! Gotta say, I'm pretty tired from all the standing already, maybe join me in the weird hoop swings?

hello and welcome to another edition of Friday #memes, brought to you late by day of yarn dependency resolutions (1/3)

Can't wait for next week - I'll be in for the Robotics Summit and expo (!

Looking forward to meeting some and folks in person. I'll be there with my employer but I'd be happy to meet up with folks who'll be there.

Some news: Today we released our e-book. It's only / related for now, but it's got a lot of writing that I did in it, so I'm pretty happy to see it get out there.

bound! May my month of travels begin.

Looking forward to the Frito pies and high skies of the south

Some / stuff: CityNerd put a video out a couple weeks ago about traffic fatalities. It's a pretty sobering listen, and reveals the attitude that a lot of planners seem to have about pedestrians.

There are lots of technical differences, of course, but the fundamental difference may be this. On a good day, when it's really humming, and two or three big topics have everyone's attention, Twitter gives you the feeling that you've jacked into The World. Mastodon feels like wandering through a foreign city at night, and every time you turn a corner, you catch a glimpse of something happening through a door or window, and realize that the world is still being created from the ground up.

Today I registered the community on You can also join on at

I'm building a small community there based on such as , , and more!

It's very and adjacent, so those interested in learning more are welcome too!

With all these new people on mastodon, I'll have to spend some time and look into adding more folks to lists (you know, so I don't spend endless days scrolling the federated timeline).

My games wishlist has also slowly evolved into "Golf games that aren't really about golf, but that I haven't purchased at all."

New has given me a lot to think about. I'd love to switch banks, but many of the options are just invariably worse.

Honestly, it's way too damn hard to live by a set of ethics in the year 2022.

Personal for me! I just crossed the 500km threshold on my ebike's odometer today!

Well, the bird may soon be tech bro owned and operated so I guess I can take solace that there exists a nicer alternative...

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