Seems like Jordan Peterson is trending on birdsite, and is back in the news because he got COVID-19.

While I wish anybody who gets COVID-19 can recover and get better, I also want to remind people that his pseudo-intellectual grift is real and I am sorry how easy it is to get tricked into thinking he knows what he's talking about.

SomeMoreNews actually broke this one down real well, although it's not specifically about Peterson

Started learing Qt / QtQuick this weekend, in anticipation of writing apps for my running @ubports Ubuntu Touch. There seems like a lot of good apps to start, so I'm a little stuck on what apps to write at the moment.

The only real trouble has been that my motherboard has what I can only describe as a hostile ethernet controller (Intel I225-V). Apparently linux support for this guy is in "lol good luck kid" range.

Fortunately this can be solved with an ethernet card pretty easily, and that's exactly what I plan to do.

Whew, so my SSD on my old computer died, and I'm finally up and running on the computer I built to replace it.

I have to say: Linux is very different now. I have been using it forever now (exclusively since uh... 2011 or 2012?), and I'm so surprised at how easy everything has been to set up.

I didn't even have to enable multi-arch to get steam installed. I just used flatpak!

For what it's worth Android handled the crash a lot better, and I was back in my phone in under 10 seconds.


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I was gonna shit on how Dekko2 (email client on UBPorts) crashes the launcher (Lomiri) but then my Pixel 3 launcher crashed as I was going to open Tusky.

Guess all software sucks?

In short, I'm trying to get docker to work with NVIDIA passthrough on my machine so I can start building Ubuntu Touch apps for my , and getting nowhere :(

This, of course, doesn't mean I've forgotten all the times systemd has just completely fallen apart on me, or all the times software that should work was broken because of it.

But compared to the past, I really value stability now. Unfortunately systemd represents that despite all the other evils it holds.

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I'm starting to think avoiding systemd has become orders of magnitude more difficult than just accepting it and working around it.

There are so, so, so many things built on small assumptions that systemd makes (env variables, services, file IDs, etc).

Running a devuan system is really starting to make me feel like I have a broken machine.

We'd like to welcome Apple to the world of ARM-based laptops. You're a couple years late to the party, though, but better now than never? πŸ˜‰

Frog problems, who's got 'em?
I've got 'em too
Toad trouble, we've got double
Don't know what to do
I think I croaked up with my bullfrog today
And I don't really care

Ugh, just found out a parent of mine thinks this whole pandemic thing is a hoax. I get it's Alberta and it's hard to avoid bullshit media (it isn't) but come the heck on.

Hmm I guess having all ads turned off I had no idea this app existed, as it was not something I was looking for

I know my drinking has gone up since I started isolating but damn if I don't make a good old fashioned. Few places down here can really get the balance right, heck, many places make me a manhatten when I ask for an old fashioned.

Life is demoralizing enough without me having to be the guy that reminds people to take covid seriously and not to buy into anti-vaxxer grifters who are fear mongering in the middle of a crisis for money.

And while I generally support capitalism, this is the kind of libertarian nonsense that turns us all into slaves in the matrix.

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Hmm... so I know that there's a lot of anti-capitalist people tooting about on fedi, and generally I am very pro-capitalism, because I believe we wouldn't be able to have our current quality-of-life without it (even if I also believe socialist ideas like Canada's healthcare are superior solutions).

But then there's this. The unholy shirtballs is this!?

Got a reminder this week to reconfirm my Trello account and link it with my Atlassian account. I forgot I used Trello!

Anyways, I think I need to move a lot of that content from Trello into an org file. I organized a lot of my life in grad school with Trello, but having a local file on disk is so much better.

Actually, the on disk part isn't super needed? Perhaps I could use Keybase to maintain a sync'd /

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