Frog problems, who's got 'em?
I've got 'em too
Toad trouble, we've got double
Don't know what to do
I think I croaked up with my bullfrog today
And I don't really care

Ugh, just found out a parent of mine thinks this whole pandemic thing is a hoax. I get it's Alberta and it's hard to avoid bullshit media (it isn't) but come the heck on.

Hmm I guess having all ads turned off I had no idea this app existed, as it was not something I was looking for

I know my drinking has gone up since I started isolating but damn if I don't make a good old fashioned. Few places down here can really get the balance right, heck, many places make me a manhatten when I ask for an old fashioned.

Life is demoralizing enough without me having to be the guy that reminds people to take covid seriously and not to buy into anti-vaxxer grifters who are fear mongering in the middle of a crisis for money.

And while I generally support capitalism, this is the kind of libertarian nonsense that turns us all into slaves in the matrix.

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Hmm... so I know that there's a lot of anti-capitalist people tooting about on fedi, and generally I am very pro-capitalism, because I believe we wouldn't be able to have our current quality-of-life without it (even if I also believe socialist ideas like Canada's healthcare are superior solutions).

But then there's this. The unholy shirtballs is this!?

Got a reminder this week to reconfirm my Trello account and link it with my Atlassian account. I forgot I used Trello!

Anyways, I think I need to move a lot of that content from Trello into an org file. I organized a lot of my life in grad school with Trello, but having a local file on disk is so much better.

Actually, the on disk part isn't super needed? Perhaps I could use Keybase to maintain a sync'd /

Ah dangit I ended up spending money again and ordered the from @PINE64.

I GUESS I'll have to pair it up with my and switch to using linux full time. Oh well :)

At this point I'm pretty much 95% unpacked at my new apartment! This definitely was a hell of a week, but I'm so glad I'm finally settled in.

Now I only have to hang my degrees up and wait for a small entertainment centre to arrive via mail and I can say I'm fully done.

Goes to show how often I use my drill, given that I have to charge it for the first time ever...

I've yet to see any great way to make Stadia run on my Pinebook Pro, but I haven't stopped looking. Maybe one of these days Google will make an official Chrome for aarch64 and I can do it via H264 streaming?

So far the DRM stuff build into Chrome seems to be what's holding it back.

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The Stadia controller (and Stadia by extension) is becoming my favourite by far. It's basically everything I love about the Switch Pro Controller with none of the downsides.

So working shifted hours to deploy a lot of software to our prod line sucks, but I have found myself with an incredible intuition for figuring out what's going wrong.

So while it's late and I'm certainly not running at full steam, I am running at _just enough steam_. I think the value of that can't be understated.

Ooh boy nothing like slow internet when you're trying to deploy software across the ocean (or across a city).

This night is dragging.

A lot of information in this April update from @PINE64, many good news and a call for developpers! #pinetime needs a companion app for Pinephone and other mobile systems!

Managed to build @keybase and Riot electron clients for my @PINE64 pinebook pro! Now this thing is ripping!

Ever notice how people always want to accelerate timelines, but in reality, you can't correctly identify who or what things are being accelerated for?

With half the damn country out of work (and thus has no income) I still can't see how my boss thinks we have to move faster because we're going into a recession. This is dumb.

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