I really don't understand why mastodon works so well on mobile web, but is absolute garbage on desktop web. I get weird crashes all the time, and I've disabled every add-on for coales.co.

Any good desktop for on linux?

ugggggh FUCK being asked to print shit. nobody owns a printer these days what fucking century do they think it is

I wrote about an Apple / iOS 14 bug, which was difficult to track down and otherwise very subtle thatgeoguy.ca/blog/2020/10/17/

🌳🌱🌱🌱🌱🍄🌳🌻 🌱

Our friends at Volla are recruiting a Freelancer Ubuntu Touch Developer, to help them with maintaining the Ubuntu Touch port for the VollaPhone. Details at:
#UBports #UbuntuTouch #VollaPhone #Jobs

This is one of those nights where the news does not stop rolling.

Something I've been having to tell my younger kid lately: If you're not going to listen to people, then don't ask for help.

Probably a good general tip

Realized I hadn't played much StS on my Switch. Got my first heart win with the Watcher today.

Nothing quite like not sleeping to help rest for another day.

The mobile web app for masto still works better than birdsite. 😅

Depressing, covid-19 

It's like a weird dichotomy between: "sometimes the best way to help yourself is to help others" and "put your mask on before assisting others."

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Depressing, covid-19 

Really struggling with loneliness, my apartment is too damn quiet.

But more than that, friends are also admitting to me their struggles and I worry about how to best help them with depression and thoughts of suicide when I am hardly in the best mental shape myself.

ahh you think you're out of grad school and then you get excited about this github.com/alandefreitas/matpl

My secret: usually if people respond to a toot or @ me in some way, and they're polite, I favourite it or boost it.

Do we all do this?

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