Months later and I still prefer the Pinephone with @ubports to both other distros and also the Librem 5. I need to do a full examination of the KDE plasma offerings soon...

@thatgeoguy I've self hosted my email for so long I don't fully appreciate how sucky email can be, though I have a bit of an idea having been forced to use gmail service at my current employer.

Maybe the future of email is to think of what we have as a suite of protocols and radically rethink the applications that use it, like what Delta Chat did.

I wrote some thoughts on today:

I also updated some of the CSS on the site to set a max width, and make some elements easier to read!

From yesterday on :birdsite: @BBCArchive: """ #Onthisday 1970: Wendy Carlos demonstrated how to synthesise electronic noise into musical sound. To discover more pioneers of electronic music, go here - """

(CW: eye contact in the video)

Nothing quite like ending my weekend with some Lord of the Rings tabletop!

This article was trending on HN today regarding the fediverse:

I think pretty much all their complaints are true of every social media. Kind of felt unsure what they were hoping for here.

Their complaint about people assuming decentralization / federation == more security and privacy is certainly unique to them, but I mean, I'm not on social media for privacy reasons...

Purism, Parler 

And yeah, I was just reminded that today is MLK day. What a great day to have such a callous, ignorant call to action.

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Purism, Parler 

Like, to be very clear here: the amount of white supremacy and abhorrent alt-right bullshit on Parler made it very clear that it needed to go. It was obviously causing real world harm.

To then come back and complain about this as "big tech is silencing us all" has some very big, "why are the whites oppressed" energy.

@xor on birdsite said it best:

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Purism, Parler 

The article doesn't even begin to try and deconstruct the false dichotomy between freedom and oppression. It basically dives into "well we don't care how you feel about parler but you have to admit big tech is bad, please buy our phone!"

What a horrible take. Literal calls to violence and you can't even muster the nuance to talk about when content should be taken down, or a call to explore ways in which freedom can be protected while removing harmful elements from your platform?

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Purism, Parler 

Purism put a blog post on their site recently trying to piggy-back off of how Parler got banned from all major big-tech co's.

I'm not gonna link it, but it's an extremely bad viewpoint to take, and part of the reason I have been so frustrated with the Purism community with how much they flirt with the idea of unfettered "freedom."

Easy and cool animations with Smear FX

‼️ The sword is an unique frame, all the movement, resize, rotation, smear, etc... is made by the tool #gamedev #indiedev #smearfx


Strong reminders of Alberta's once upon a time, except the people doing this are clearly more prepared and more dangerous.

These people are a fucking embarassment. I'm not even from the States and I can definitely say today was an awful showing. Where are the real leaders to shut this down? What happened to maintaining order? Did we forget BLM six months ago?

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If this is just a small sampling of what's to come I am really not comfortable with 2021 rolling in like this.

I also realize I said this last year when we almost started with WW3 in 2020, but holy shit.

@thatgeoguy @PINE64 @purism

Modem & Mic are cut off, Wifi/BT and Camera simply signal to the components go away.

SW1A - Modem - Pulls Q1501 gate up (FET killing modem power)
SW1B - WIFI/BT - pulls chip_en up (asks rtl to do something)
SW1C - OB/Mic - Breaks (disconnects) mic bias voltage from SoC
SW1D - R CAM - Pulls up PWDN on OV5640 (kind of S3 state)
SW1E - F CAM - Pulls up PWDN on OV5640
SW1F - Serial/Audio - pulls IN2 up on analog switch BCT4717ETB

It's not vaporware! I got my Librem 5. I'll have to post more detailed thoughts on this vs. the pinephone going forward.

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