The Stadia controller (and Stadia by extension) is becoming my favourite by far. It's basically everything I love about the Switch Pro Controller with none of the downsides.


I've yet to see any great way to make Stadia run on my Pinebook Pro, but I haven't stopped looking. Maybe one of these days Google will make an official Chrome for aarch64 and I can do it via H264 streaming?

So far the DRM stuff build into Chrome seems to be what's holding it back.

@thatgeoguy It sounds like the effort that had was required to get Netflix working on Kodi would have to be done for Stadia.

Since the DRM crap is closed source they resort to downloading a ChromeOS recovery image just to extract and use the WideVine DRM components.

@msh I think the default debian image that comes with the pinebook actually had that. I haven't tried it since I'm running a more stock Debian Sid.

I suppose that might actually be one thing to try though...

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