At this point I'm pretty much 95% unpacked at my new apartment! This definitely was a hell of a week, but I'm so glad I'm finally settled in.

Now I only have to hang my degrees up and wait for a small entertainment centre to arrive via mail and I can say I'm fully done.


@kai Largely I was priced out of Boulder, and had some disagreement with management at my prior place, which centred around how much I was paying vs. the way they acted and their agency over problems on the property (e.g. snow removal, inspections, utilities).

My commute to work has now extended, but I live a lot closer to most of my friends, and since I'm WFH anyways the cheaper rent and larger place are definitely more valuable right now.

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@thatgeoguy sounds like a good move! Are you Canadian?

@kai I am! I moved down to the States for work, been here for a couple years now.

@thatgeoguy were you looking for a better salary or are you culturally american (not in a bad way)

@kai nah no offense taken. I moved here because my job is basically what I was studying in master's degree. It had more to do with the work itself than anything cultural or fiscal. And yeah, there's not much for 3D vision jobs in Calgary :(

@thatgeoguy @kai wow, you'd figure landlords would be making a better effort to retain tenants given the current situation. Glad you found a better place though. If you have the means and will to move into improved accommodations now is a good time.

@msh @kai yeah, I think it just ended up being a harsh transition between management companies, and they just didn't really make an effort because there were a lot of problems. Boulder is weird place in that the university shutting down due to covid caused a huge exodus in the city (university town). So I'm sure they had their own reasons but it did get to be a bit much.

Overall it was a solid move though, and could have been so much worse. Glad to be in a better place!

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