Hmm... so I know that there's a lot of anti-capitalist people tooting about on fedi, and generally I am very pro-capitalism, because I believe we wouldn't be able to have our current quality-of-life without it (even if I also believe socialist ideas like Canada's healthcare are superior solutions).

But then there's this. The unholy shirtballs is this!?


And while I generally support capitalism, this is the kind of libertarian nonsense that turns us all into slaves in the matrix.

@thatgeoguy things went off the rails badly when capitalism mutated from an economic methodology into a political ideology and then into a reason for living. It hijacked libertarianism in the western world and turned it into corporatism. It even perverted communism until it became state capitalism.

The world really needs to put capitalism back in its place and stop judging peoples worthiness based on their hours worked at a job, or income or contribution to GDP.

@msh Yeah, I don't know if I agree with the remark on libertarianism (I'm of the opinion it was always bad) but I do strongly agree with you on the points of political ideology and worthiness.

Besides, people who feel valued and have a sense of purpose do better work anyways, and I've yet to meet any team or person who does groundbreaking work that hasn't felt that way, or appeared to be in such an environment. And if that's socialism, welp, I don't really have a problem with it.

@thatgeoguy well it's always good to look upon ideologies with some caution and suspicion. After all, it's a slippery slope from libertarian socialism down towards anarcho-communism which would be utter mayhem :blobwink:

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