I feel bad for my neighbours wasting so much power but it's 0C outside and my apartment is too damn hot because of them (my heat is off).

The windows shall be opened! If I shall be outed as a Canadian for this, let it be so!

@thatgeoguy I suppose your neighbours moved there from some southern parts? Certainly someone originally from Colorado wouldn't be *that* cold blooded :blobcheeky:

@msh They must have! I'm not sure what kind of devil wants their apartment heated to 28C+ but I can tell you my neighbours are almost there! :blob_dizzy_face:

@thatgeoguy @msh Reminds me of some Aussies I once knew. I learned that many homes in Oz have poor or no central heating (cause the climate is warm). They just put on a sweater.

One confided they found oue (20, 21℃) homes sweltering!

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