Immigration, Xenophobia 

A shoutout to an under-appreciated topic with all the recent layoffs in the (and the recent almost-hostage-like photos coming from offices of what are clearly visa holders) - reform is incredibly important and vastly neglected.

Don't listen to xenophobic garbage. It really upsets me when people make light of how goddamn terrifying it is to only be allowed in a country because you have a visa, and as if working in tech takes away any of the stress or worry of being in a foreign place.

Got a little triggered by a HN (orange site) thread today and needed to vent some. Support being better to the non-citizens in your area and learn how to be less xenophobic.

Immigration, Xenophobia 

@thatgeoguy same is kinda true for foreign workers in Canada too. CBSA and IRCC are astonishingly dysfunctional and their agents yield great power...and sprinkle in a little institutional racism and you end up with foreign workers in sometimes very vulnerable positions.

The situation is even worse in US I gather, and a lot of employers know it and leverage it.

Immigration, Xenophobia 

@msh Yeah, you don't have a lot of options when you realize that losing your job means < 30days to get out of the country (and do what, presumably, is the other great unknown).

I am so very tired of people only accepting immigration when they believe it suits them. e.g.
"immigration is good, we should bring in PhDs from every country!" is surprisingly offensive. People aren't just unit resources in which a government / corporation get to exploit for profit as it suits them. It's founded on the same "we are a better country and others should serve our own profits / economy / culture" ideology that the racism is, just wrapped in a nicer packaging.

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