Alright I actually kind of like this ChatGPT guy maybe we can be friends

Birdsite, Algorithm hell 

Well... I think they finally made it unusable. It is bad enough that they already messed with Tweet ordering on "Home" and promoted posts being every second Tweet, but this tells me my timeline is useless now.

Goop will literally sell you a bag of shit for $75

But... why?

@msh My home feed never loads anymore. I've taken a break from for quite a bit recently, but in part it was because I thought this was some server thing that would resolve itself...

Last day of ! Gotta say, I'm pretty tired from all the standing already, maybe join me in the weird hoop swings?

Darkside Detective with this powerful anti-capitalist energy

It's not vaporware! I got my Librem 5. I'll have to post more detailed thoughts on this vs. the pinephone going forward.

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