@heartles Everyone wants to ask "does linguistics fuck?" but nobody ever asks "how linguistics fuck?"

@Kye what quickly follows "Sonic 2006 can't hurt you, Sonic 2006 isn't real."

@PINE64 ah damn I guess I am all in on Pine now πŸ™ƒπŸ˜Ž

alc, invitation to respond 

@LilyVers am I too late to suggest Shiori from Tokimeki Memorial?

@tindall @resist1984 @kensanata Sounds like the main difference here is in agency? i.e. not taking it away from others?

Which is fine. The immediate counter to that though is that "defaults matter," so we should absolutely encourage people to pick software with better defaults, for whatever that means... 😬

@tindall I honestly miss Tusky on Pinephone / Librem. Tootle is okay but hardly has the same polish.

Not that this is a particularly surprising fact Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― The android toot experience has the polish of time

@LeoSammallahti bro calm down this is fedi flexing does not mean anything here

@keithzg I used to use email a lot more when I was in university, but now I hardly use it at all.

Maybe this is a matter of working at home with a full email client available all day, as well as a growing disdain for notifications...

Do folks really use email on their phones in 2020? I'm very tempted to remove email from my phone entirely, it's just not that useful and is often more of a distraction / source of anxiety than I prefer.

oh my gods. they literally have no shame about this.

GitHub Support just straight up confirmed in an email that yes, they used all public GitHub code, for Codex/Copilot regardless of license.

@juleLe it's actually probably not that helpful to do so? I understand the point of doing so in an abstract sense, but I think in general you'll probably just be running into hardware support / shortcomings on one side or the other. Same reason I didn't compare the cameras for example: the Librem 5 doesn't currently have a working camera ☹️

I wrote some (updated) thoughts on the and ! A ton has changed and gotten slightly better or worse since six months ago. The mobile Linux movement is really exciting! thatgeoguy.ca/blog/2021/06/22/

@msh @PINE64 honestly gnome in general is... Not bad? GTK is horrifying from an API perspective (maybe I just hate meson), but aside from a few weird bugs I've hit I actually don't think I harbor any hate for it.

@msh @PINE64 I do love my Pinebook Pro! Its a great little notebook. I did similar and installed the unofficial Debian installer and use sid.

Honestly, last year there were a lot more problems but now it has great hardware support for most everything!

RIGHT! It’s beta, but we have a Matrix bridge up for @liberachat@twitter.com: you can connect to #foo:libera.chat where #foo is the channel. Huge thanks to the team for letting us expose the network on Matrix! We are also working through fixing the bridge bug backlog :)

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