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"The Box" still slaps way harder than it should. That is all.

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CityNerd is the real OG. My experience going car-free in the last year really mirror this! I'll probably publish my blog post on it soon!

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"To me it can be sort of like a learned helplessness. Does owning a car make you more free, or does it do the opposite. It depends on the perspective. The freedom to travel around the region in your personal climate-controlled metal box vs. the freedom of maybe living a simpler, more focused life that you feel good about and possibly having an extra $11,000 every year."

The Silver Scream and Welcome to Horrorwood are still the best Halloween (and Christmas) albums I think I'll ever find.

Happy Halloween !

Remember: the CDC made it legal for the rest of this night to lick a ghost.

Happy Halloween, and to my friends here in the U.S., remember that today is the deadliest day of the year for child pedestrians.

If you have the ability to change how your city, town, or neighborhood protect kids today and every day, make your voice heard! 🎃 🚗 🚸

An etiquette tidbit I just learned from @HunterZ

When you write threads, you can set the visibility of all the reply posts to "Unlisted". This way all the non-initial posts won't flood user timelines in reverse chronological order (and interspersed between others' toots), which can confuse. People will just see the initial post and upon clicking that see the whole thread.

I will try to remember this. But I will obviously also forget at times.


I got asked this by a few different journalists today, so I'm just going to share the numbers. 10,801 people signed up on different Mastodon servers today, and 22,139 since last week.

If you're looking to avoid the bird for now then I would highly recommend the mountains. They're spacious and the fresh air will be good for you.

Can't beat not having internet!

Hello folks! We have been busy and working on some fancy new features behind the scene, some of which are already live, some of which are soon to come. We published a blog post about them at, which is especially interesting if you are operating a channel. As usual, feel free to contact us with any questions, remarks or suggestions you might have. Thanks for flying Libera!

Sad to hear about shutting down. Hopefully the users can find a new server to migrate to.

Matrix's IRC bridge software has a high-severity vulnerability that affects Matrix rooms that are bridged to IRC.

Libera.Chat have mitigated what we can, but bridge operators must upgrade to the newest version.

This does not have any impact on IRC or IRC users - a courtesy toot for those who may need to upgrade.

Problems using Matrix on Libera.Chat have been reported over recent days, impacting projects. The @matrix bridge is one-way in some rooms & message delivery can't be guaranteed. We have communicated to EMS on this matter and hope they have a resolution ASAP.

@msh My home feed never loads anymore. I've taken a break from for quite a bit recently, but in part it was because I thought this was some server thing that would resolve itself...

they argue that (paraphrased) IRCCloud crushes the very soul of IRC, turning it into Slack

they are probably right

the IRCCloud iOS app is much nicer than the alternatives though

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Your password must contain at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one forgotten rune, and one unspeakable horror

Finally done with the conference and boy am I beat. Walking around New Orleans has really drained me down this week.

bound for ! I'm really running the gamut on travel this year, guess I'm making up for lost years 😅

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