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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the moderators.

  1. Personal attacks, derogatory remarks or discriminatory behaviour towards others based on ANY personal characteristics will not be tolerated!
  2. Content that is considered obscene, libelous, hate speech or otherwise unlawful under Canadian law will be removed immediately and the user who posted it banned without warning
  3. Users are responsible for vetting articles/links they post or share. Users who deliberately and repeatedly post "fake news" without stating it is as such will be suspended or banned.
  4. Bots are allowed only if they do not clutter the timeline, perform mass follows or otherwise engage with other users without their permission. Please contact site administration before using bots to be sure they are appropriate or the bot may be banned!
  5. Accounts that mislead or misrepresent the true identity of a user will be banned immediately (no fake celebrities allowed unless the profile explicitly states it is fake!)
  6. Advertisements of any kind without the express written permission of site administration are PROHIBITED. Please ask permission before posting anything of a commercial nature.
  7. Use "Content Warnings" for sensitive topics. Such topics include lewd/sexual content, expressly political discussions, health/sickness/disorders, pictures/media that could be disturbing or harmful (such as flashing images or loud sounds). Willful violators will have accounts silenced.