My fediverse feed is pretty depressing rn. Almost totally filled with people just discussing linux issues. There is a huge fucking movement going on and while just reposting the same shit doesn't help the fact that my feed here is almost totally "normal" makes me feel like there is something seriously lacking. Filter bubbles are real yall.

@liaizon I totally agree. i've been off social media for a while, came to look in the fediverse and was surprised how few are actually talking about #blacklivesmatter etc

@cb @liaizon was actually trending on my instance this past week, but discussion has fallen off th the last day or so from my view, so I'm wondering if there is something else besides filter bubbles happening too.

Like, some disengagement from social media overall during participation in demonstrations and other social action? Fediverse is social media like any other and even with CWs, way better moderation and other tools it isn't a completely safe space at all times.

@msh @cb I think the CW culture here is harmful for many reasons. Its actually one thing I think thats gonna have the biggest negative effect on the future of this space even though many folks feel like it helps them personally it continually expands in scope.

@liaizon @cb


I wish there was a straightforward way to encourage consistent use of CWs. They can be useful for legit triggers and even things like spoilers and joke punchlines, but they have a bad side too.

Putting CWs notes on topics (or even worse, demanding others do so) is essentially a racist act. To those people I'd say if a black person's perspectives on whiteness cause you discomfort that is your problem not theirs. We all need to hear this.

@msh @cb there are people out there telling everyone to CW all politics. Literally these protests would not have happened if there had been a CW on the video of police killing Floyd

@liaizon CWs are an anti-feature. They encourage a culture of giving everyone responsibility for managing people's neurosis *except* the person themselves. I suspect they do net harm to overall mental health among users of Mastodon (and any other app that supports them). In contrast, tools like Selective (un-)following, mutes, and blocks, put the responsibility and the *power* of moderation in the hands of the user, where it belongs. For both mental health *and* political reasons.

@msh @cb

@strypey @msh @cb that is well stated and I agree 100% and this is not a popular view point to have here

@liaizon @cb @msh @strypey

I don't think CWs are inherently anti-features. I do however think that how they are implemented and used now is problematic. Part of the problem is that there is no access control over posts. And that the technical implementation of CWs is badly designed.

Another problem is of course that CW is not implemented coherently across the fediverse. Friendica has an inherently different way of dealing with self-censuring in posts which doesn't translate well to how mastodon does it.

I think this is an important discussion that needs to be made by fediverse developers.

@tuttle I hate joe rogan but that was actually a pretty interesting clip. I don't doubt that the algorithm is helping posts that are of exciting things like the burning of cop cars go viral

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