This is an post...kinda.

Hit me up with your toots. Mine is on order and I'm looking forward to getting it.

I toot a lot about , especially of the leftist sort.

Here are an assortment of hashtags:

@ink_slinger are you following @djsundog yet?

Because if you have a and you aren't following DJ Sundog what are you even doing?

@msh I could have sworn I was, but it seems I'm not! Maybe I was following an old account?

@ink_slinger perhaps the follow didn't make it through the transition from dot-club, like a sock that disappeared in the laundry.

@ink_slinger I look forward to reading your pinebook pro review. I'd really like to get off the over-priced Apple treadmill and get a really good cheap laptop that's just for writing---which is 80% of what I do with computers. I have a desktop Mac for watching Netflix and composing music.

@ShaunBartone If you want it mostly as a word processor, even the original Pinebook might be good enough.

But I'll definitely share my thoughts I've had some time with it.

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